Sunday, February 13, 2011

And my Wolf Pack... it grew by one

So there... there were two of us in the wolf pack... I was alone first in the pack, and then Annie joined in later:

That sweet looking Trek 1000 on the CycleOps Fluid Trainer belongs to my wife.  It is a welcome addition to the gameroom (aka: Pain Cave) as I will no longer have to do all my suffering alone!  

Annie is doing her first outdoor Tri in April and she decided it is time to start training.  Over the last year I have been using her bike as my practice bike and it needed a little work.  So after a trip to the LBS yesterday I got the "Blue Crush" all tuned up and ready to roll.  She is the one taking the picture so you are unable to see her kicking ass but she got in a solid 30 minutes of big gear work.  This was her first time on an indoor trainer and I believe she said it was, "hard".

Notes about picture:

-  Yes that is a white sweat band on my head.  I am a dork.
-  I have 3 towels across the hoods.  I sweat a lot.  Probably adds a centimeter or two in height. I do not ride outdoors with the towels (-:
-  If Annie rides on the trainer more than once we may upgrade from the phone book stand.
-  That is Bailey asleep on the couch next to the Steelers blanket.  It is her couch, she sometimes allows us to sit there.
-  Ladies that studly body is not photo-shopped! Settle down - I am a married man!
-  My eyes are looking up because the TV is mounted to the wall and I was watching Anchorman.
-  There is also a ceiling fan (not pictured) so that little fan is not the only one I use.

We have room for a couple more bike in the Pain Cave so if anybody else wants to join the Wolf Pack ...

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  1. Is this hotel pager-friendly? Looks like fun in your pain cave! Mine is surrounding by Star Wars toys and Barbies....slightly less hard core looking!

  2. Ha! I use a phone book too... Nice ride Annie!

  3. When I first started reading I thought you were gonna say Annie was pregnant :D I have a bike now!, but no trainer :(

    Envious of your pain cave.

  4. Pain cave..I like that!

    The white headband now THAT is a look...

  5. Enjoyed the hangover quote. CLASSIC.

  6. Sweet setup! I sweat like crazy on the bike too despite the fans. I have a folded beach towel over the bars that I have to rotate and refold as the ride progresses.

    Existential question of the day: Is a pack of one really a pack? :)

    Best line from Anchorman:
    "Oop... I almost forgot. I won't be able to make it fellas. Veronica and I trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild. "

  7. I'm actually thinking of mailing my bike to Houston for the race to save some bucks ($300+ with tri bike) so maybe I can ship to the pain cave and we can take them off the trainers and ride in circles around the house??

  8. Seriously, I thought you were going to write that you got another pug.

    LOVE Bailey's couch. Our Bailey has his own couch too.

    That headband is very...Richard Simmonds.. :)

  9. I am rooting for Annie, my fanatsy is for her to chick you

    I need to come over and man cave up your pian cave. Sure it looks nice for the average joe that isnt into the sport, but we need to "endurance it up"

    - First, we need you "A" race poster up, with a date, so it just stares at you, you cant hide from it

    - Next we need a "Wall of Pride" and proudly put up all those medals you have, no more shoe box, and I know yours are still in the box. You need to be able to walk in, see all your medals, and smile and feel good that your work went to something. Also is a great conversation starter to the average joe, they will marvel at them all and think your a pro

    - Need "gut check" motivational quotes all over the walls, you can frame them to make Annie happy, but when times are low, those quotes will help

    - And you need a sign, stating this the pain cave, make it fierce and loud, so the average joe will just peek in but are afraid to actually step in the room because it looks like its painful to be in their.

    Dont worry, some day I will come over and help you man up your room, Annie probably wont like me anymore, but its best for both of you

  10. I think BDD is right! You need to man-up the pain cave. But don't forget to add some Steelers gear because they are a great team to emulate!

  11. The headband kill me.. one of the guys we train with wears one like that as hubs ask if he had seen the movie Juno - I think there was laughter.

  12. All the pictures on the wall are Steelers related. The one over my head is Hines Ward in the 2008 superbowl. The one on the wall in front of my is of Heinz Field on gameday. The smaller one in the back is the history of stadiums in Pittsburgh. And not pictured is a ton of bike gear and tools on a stand.

    I also have a stand next to me with the computrainer 3d display for motivation. I love to crush metal man.

    I'll have to do a "bike view" pictorial of the pain cave!

    Oh and if Blogger had "Smell" feature you all would think the pain cave was plenty manly!

  13. Hmmm, I don't sweat that much on the bike, on the run, drenched... I must not be working nearly hard enough haha.

    Annie took a drink of the kool aid huh?

    Seriously... it's the best thing that could have happened to your marriage, no more, we never spend time together crap talk haha.

    Major downer - The checkbook will NOT be happy with two triathletes in the house.

    Good luck annie, stick to it, best sport in the world!

  14. Love the one said we had to look cool on our trainers :)

  15. You lost me at the headband. This all I could envision:

  16. hILARIOUS !! Thank you God, that I don't need a trainer, thank you, thank you,thank you. Carry on.

  17. i might have to add a headband to my arsenal!!

    I was thinking about getting a setup where my dvd viewing is more down so I dont have to look up!


  18. yes, i agree with BDD, you pain cave doesnt look very painful. LOL

    i wish we had two trainers so i wouldnt have to suffer alone. i like to share pain and misery with my husband, isnt that what marriage is all about :)

  19. If I lived closer I'd come join the pain cave :) Well done to your wife.

  20. I thought you guys adopted another dog! : )

  21. Solid looking training room aka pain cave! It is always nice to do things together, just don't abuse her!

    I snagged my wheels from someone I knew, they are in perfect condition and got at a fraction of the cost of what they would have cost. Keep up the training!

  22. headband hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    like the phonebook, good idea, I am going to switch to that from my box of allen wrenches.

  23. I'm a little jealous of your decked out pain cave! glad you have some company in there!

  24. Just found your blog and have to say it's hilarious! I'm brand new to this blog world (just started 2 days ago). I love that you at least proclaim to be "out of shape" just two years ago and are already aspiring to Iron Man. That is impressive! I started Tri's last year and will do my first Olympic this year - that is a big undertaking for me. Good luck on your journey!

  25. No shame in wearing a headband. I've been known to rock a visor on trainer rides. Way better than 90 minutes of sweat dripping in my eyes.

  26. I totally thought you were going to say you guys were having a baby! Well, a new bike is much quieter and allows for much more sleep. We only have one trainer, but it faces the treadmill, so I can admire my husband running in place while I'm cycling in place.

  27. Awesome photo!

    You should totally grow a 1980's triathlon dude stash and rock the neon and baggy running pants for Galveston. It would be hilarious!

    Oh yeah, the sweat band is a must!

  28. Haha, I remember my mom being very unhappy once because my dad messed up the phone book completely with sweat. We have a dog owned couch as well and that is serious business.

  29. You are going to love Optygen HP. The weird thing is you won't be able to tell until you really push yourself on a long run or ride.

    Look at that, your dog's name is Bailey, just like Carantunk Girl. I love Mandy's dog.

  30. The Pain Cave looks very functional for it's purpose...mine is a convertable pain cave/living least until my 2 year old can learn to not play with my bike. It's a pain taking the bike in and out of the room, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  31. Might have to bring El Diablo to the pain cave....I'll bring my own towels.

  32. It is very find of your fur child to share her couch with you! My boys would be trying to stick their nose in my wheel causing all sorts of issues!
    Love the set up!

  33. lovin' the 80's white headband! lol..

    great post!!

  34. I

    I often wonder how you tri people do tri's. I think the decor freaking rocks.

    must get some odd looks from non-athletes?!?!

  35. Mike Tyson called and wants his tiger back. :-)

    Love the early-80's headband look. But I think you're crossing into "Steve in a Speedo" territory by posting a shirtless, sweaty picture of you on your blog. Time for an intervention!

  36. Dude is that a Jason Bay rookie card framed on the wall to the left? I realize he started in San Diego but that's just a technicality.

    Keep the white headband - that's my 2011 look. Trying to find the perfect one, I'll get you one too when I find it.

  37. Phone books work great! Often I use old shoes....

  38. the sweatband is hilarious.

    i use two GMAT books.

  39. That is so exciting that annie is doing a tri! How fun to be able to train together in the living room. A couple that spins together, stays together. :)