Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catch ups ...

  • This is the weekend weather that they are calling for in Houston!  Very Excited!!!
  • Thanks to everyone who sent emails inquiring about how I have been doing with the recent flu/bronchitis/sinus infection/malaria/small pox.  I am happy to report that I am 100% back to myself and healthy and happy.  Already have about 8hrs of training in over the last 3 days and have a HUGE weekend planned!
  • My concerns of losing fitness while being sick for the better part of three weeks were valid but so far I am not seeing to much of a drop off.   The pool has been the most challenge to regain my fitness and I am still a few 3000M + Master's Classes away from being back in to form.
  • This morning I did a 1000M timed TT and came in at a rather pedestrian 17m 49s.  That is a 1:46/100M time (1:37/100Yd).  Bad news is that this was pretty slow for me. Good news is when I finished my last length I was not even winded.  Meaning that I did not push myself hard at all.  This was encouraging.
  • My run endurance is a little weaker than normal but my speed is still present so I expect to be back after a couple longs runs. Last night during a 7mi run our group held a 6:30ish pace for the last 3mi. Also, I did an FTP test on the bike on Tuesday and it was exactly the same as 5 weeks ago.  I was really expecting a 5-10% drop in FTP  power but was really happy to see that did not occur.  Deep sigh of relief!!
  • If you are a long time reader you may have noticed  the two bullets above mention Meters and not Yards in terms of swimming?  Well, I found out last night that the pool I have been swimming in for the last year is 25 Meters.  I had always thought it was yards and have been keeping my online training log as such.  That is cool because I have been actually doing more distance than what I have been recording.  I like this much better than doing less distance.
  • Rev3 is hosting it's first race (Saturday Sprint/Sunday Half Rev) of the season this weekend in beautiful Costa Rica.  My Twitter and email have been blowing up with all the updates and pictures from my Trakkers Teammates who are there!  To say I am jealous of all those racing would be an understatement!  This race is going to be added to the MUST DO FOR 2012 LIST!  Look how awesome this looks:
Costa Rica Baby!
  • This weekend my Tri Club hosted a Duathlon on Saturday morning.  I did not race (thank goodness) as I was in charge of setting everything up and keeping time.  We had about a dozen people brave the 27 degree temps and another half dozen of us hung out drinking hot chocolate while all the racers froze on the bike.  It ended up being a very nice day and I stayed at the park and got in an hour run in the new Avia Avi- Bolt II shoes.
  • I have a bunch of pictures on Facebook from the Duathlonnthat I wanted to take and post on the blog but the new Facebook picture page is freaking awful.  Does anyone else hate the new FB photo setup? It will only allow you to save pics as .htm?  If any of you right-click savvy peeps (Kevin?) know a work around please let me know!

-  Surely everyone is now aware of the changes in the Boston Marathon Qualifying rules by the BAA.  I think it is cool but am not going to try and explain it.  Luckily a couple of other bloggers do a real good job of piecing it all together.  Check out Meredith's take over at This Runner's World and then check out Megan's detailed analysis of the announcement as well.  And when you are over at these blogs make sure to become a follower as they are both very enjoyable blogs!

- Joel at TriMadness is beginning a series on Triathlon Coaching.  He has a bunch of posts going up over the next few weeks detailing everything you ever wanted to know about coaches from the perspective of both the athlete and the coach.  Joel works very hard at his blog (ie: doesn't use bullets points 3 times a week like another lazy blogger?) and always presents us with extremely well researched material so I am really looking forward to what he has to say in this series

- My buddy BDD at Tridiesel had an excellent post this morning on something we all sometimes feel:  Frustrated.  He put this feeling to words in a very real and relate-able way.  Make sure to check this one out!

- And last on my shout out list, but first in your hearts: Patrick @ The Road.  And this one is important.  He gave mad love to my 80's looking white sweatband I was wearing in the last post!  Not only that, but he is currently on the look out for an even more badass looking retro sweatband for us both.  One day at a blogger meet-up we will get a pic of us together rockin' the sweatbands!

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  1. You forgot to shout out me for supporting the white headband, but it's cool you'll get me next time.

  2. Great that you are back at it Jeff and with lots of purpose too! Isn't this weather just perrrfect!

  3. Ohhh I so want to be tri-ing in CR, jealous is definitely an understatement!!

    I HATE the new FB photo page, I used to always just drag pics to my desktop :(

    6:30 pace for 3 miles (at the end of 7) = more envy :P, but nice jobe!!

  4. First things first, glad you are feeling better and that you didn't lose too much of your fitness level. You had a such a base built up, I knew that you would bounce right back.

    Ok, so Facebook. I don't have the new photo viewer yet myself, but Jennie does so I checked it out. On hers, below each pictures is a Download Photo (might be Download in High Resolution for some pics) link. On her account it is by the Tag Photo/Share/Report this Photo links.

    Otherwise, the second method is to go to your list of albums and instead of left clicking on one, right click and Open in New Window or Open in New Tab. This should bypass the Javascript launching and open the album in the old viewer.

    I charge by the hour and I round up. Payment due Net 30. :)

  5. You're so good about the shout-outs! Glad you are feeling better. And I'd say that's a major bonus to find out you've been training in meters vs. yards. Instant speed!

  6. Patrick - Egregious oversight, my bad! Gonna have to do an edit!

    Kevin, I knew you'd figure that sucker out in no time! And figured you'd love the java based platform (-: Thanks man!

    Amanda, 1000meters = 1093 yards. Pretty big different in speed. Actually doing a better than I thought!

    Jen - Let's hope it stays this way for a long time!!

    Katie - I am so there next year. I just finished up another run and let's just say I was paying for that pace tonight!! ouch

  7. Glad that your fitness didn't evaporate! Nice run man! FAST!

  8. I had the opposite happen to me. I trained all spring and summer last year in what I thought was a 25 Meter pool only to find out it was only 20 Meters a few months ago. No wonder the swim killed me.

  9. Great stuff all the way around on your S/B/R

    especially that swimming your pace per 100y just got a lot faster!!!

    though that weather outlook is the best news of all

  10. Glad you are feeling better!! Those times will pick up in a few weeks!! It takes a lot out of you when you are sick!

  11. I supported the white headband also!!

    glad you are better!!!

    Facebook: I am with you 100% let's start a no just kidding!!!

  12. CR 2012... count it!

    Hey... so I hate you. After the first pic of this post I wanted to punch you.

    That being said, I was fueled by rage and didn't read anything else :)

    LOL, told you not to fret on the fitness with being sick. That is one thing you don't have to worry about. Small drop off, pick it back up in a week or two.

    Keep up the good work man, your times are dropping across the board.

  13. Yay for feeling better! I hope you have a great weekend of training!

  14. some diminishes in fitness but nothing extreme and I'm happy for you for that. That is huge that your base building was so spot on prior to this illness.

    You are going to rock that 140.6.....

  15. Your 10% faster in the water than you thought!

  16. You mean that the run doesnt disappear after a week? I guess that makes me the lucky freak of the group

    Thanks for the shout out

  17. nice post... soundls like you are right on track... and I'm so glad that your post was not about swim drills... I'm sick of 'em :-)

  18. Love the meters versus yards thing!

  19. I got behind on blogs and had no idea you had the bubonic plague!

    I'm sorry I never wished you well but I'm glad you're on the mend.