Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Kicks: AVI - Bolt II's

Avi - Bolt II
These sexy little suckers in size 9.5 arrived at my door this afternoon.  They are the Avi - Bolt II racing flats by Avia (@AVIARunning).

As a Triathlete a few features on these shoes jumped out right away and they may offer some great benefits.

First, check out the the design of the back of the shoe:

As you can see the back has a tongue on it that allows for you to easily and, more important, quickly pull the shoes on your feet.  This gives you a something to hold onto while pulling the the shoe on.  This prevents you from "stepping" on the back of the shoe and stamping down on the heel.  I actually practiced like I was in transition pulling these shoes on and the concept behind this design is fantastic for Triathlon.  Also, this tongue acts as padding so these shoes can be comfortably worn without socks.  The back of my old shoes made it difficult for me to go over a couple of miles without socks because they would rub and cause irritation.  Now I have not ran in these yet but I am guessing this is no longer going to be a problem.

Check out the height of the back!

The second feature that I really like is that they come with a Lock-type of lace system:

As you can see in the picture these are the laces that came with the AVI-Bolt II's.  This means I do not have to spend the extra cash (or time) on Yankz!  I have been wearing these all night and the laces are extremely comfortable.

The third feature I noticed was when I picked up the AVI-Bolt II's they were very light.  I checked the specs and they only weigh 8.5 ounces - this is awesome as I am a big fan of the lightweight minimalist shoe for running.  However, after wearing them around they do seem to have a little more cushion then other lightweight flats I have worn in the past.  I am REALLY hopeful that this shoe can be used for ALL of my training and racing, especially for the longer runs.

My plan is to start running with these shoes tomorrow and then after a few weeks write up a thorough review.  My first impression is that  I really like they way these shoes look and am optimistic they may be the affordable (only $68) racing shoe Triathletes have been waiting for.

More to come ....

I know, I know- the legs need shaved Patrick!

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(Disclaimer:  Avia Running is a sponsor of my Triathlon Team, Team Trakkers and I received these shoe at no charge to use for training and racing. That being said I am in no way obligated to give positive reviews to sponsors.  I will give you an unbiased opinion of every product I review.)


  1. Those are pretty. I love the idea of not wearing socks with racing flats and these take care of that.

    I also love the tongue in the back. That is why I was a huge fan of my Zoots. Seeing these though I may have to change up after California b/c I'm racing in the Brook T6 for that race and will have to get Yankz!

    I can't wait to see the real review and then take it and post it on my blog....yup, I said take. Just going to do it and let you know when it is up.

  2. I hope this means mine will arrive soon since they have to get on an airplane next week!

  3. The look cool for sure. The problem I have with Avia and KSwiss is what they where all about in High School (a/k/a lame), but if you like them I'll be stoked because I respect your opinion.

  4. Yeah dude you need to get on those legs.

  5. Nice review! They look like great shoes! I'll be interested in hearing how you like them while running. To me, it seems like the high back would definitely rub on the achilles, but maybe not??

  6. Let us know about the cushioning. How far do you think you would be comfortable racing in them?

  7. Love the colors! I too like doing the no socks thing, sweet!

  8. I've never heard of or seen these. Probably not available in SA. They do seem to have all you are looking for. Would love to hear how they were during a run.

  9. Here is my two cents. Body glide the hell out of your heels. Whenever I have anything like that rubbing on my heel, it chaffes the crap out of it. Problem being it will be light rubbing that you won't feel until it has opened up. I hope that they have figured this out and their design works.

    Another point, take it or leave it. I train in heavier shoes. I race in lighter shoes. It's a trick I have done since high school. My race times are much faster than my training times :)

    SO, doing ALL of your training in them, might not be too beneficial, just saying.

    They look cool and I would love them for my races!!! Can't wait for the official review!

    Hope you are feeling better man.

  10. I am wanting to run sockless for a sprint in June. Have you used any other "sockless" shoe brands that didn't cause rubbing/blisters? Let us know how these work.

  11. Fantastic!!!!! They look amazing! Can't wait to hear more about them, and I want to go home and check my mailbox ;-)

  12. I think the unshaved legs must be in tribute to Conrad "The Caveman" Stoltz.

  13. 9.5 you say??? Hmmm.... You sure you like them? If not, I can send you my address :-P haha

    Hopefully they work as a full time shoe for you. I am 95% sure that I am going to be rocking the Saucony Kinvara full time once my last pair of Brooks bites the dust.

    Looks like a cool shoe. I'm not sure I am digging the colors of it though.

  14. They are super snazzy. I think the idea of the lip at the back is a fantastic one - I am always stepping on the back of my joggers.

  15. I'm wondering where the heck mine are! I've got two races this month and right now, it's looking like I'll be wearing my old racing shoes.

  16. Yes, shave those legs to reduce drag!

    Stellar shoes and they magically arrived at your doorstep!!

  17. Nice Kicks!

    "I have been wearing these all night" hahahahaha I did the exact same thing when I got my Mirage's in the mail

  18. The tongue and heel grips are indubitably the smartest thing I've seen innovated into a somewhat tri-specific racing flat ever. I love them

  19. Jeff,

    Those are some sexy shoes. You are going to shave those hairy legs for Ironman, right?

  20. Love the guys shoe look too! Great review as I love those same attributes....and I like running in them! Enjoy!