Friday, July 29, 2011

I wish I was a messenger and all the news was good

Conversation from earlier today between the Annie and Jeff:

Annie:  "My 5mi run sucked this morning, I wish that Houston would have a cooler climate!"

Jeff:  "If you had just one wish, you'd wish for a cooler climate in Houston?  That is a stupid wish."

Annie:  "That is not stupid, your stupid, it is F^&*#%#G disgusting outside!!"

Jeff"  "I am saying if you have just one wish you should wish for something much better than that.  People are always screwing up these One Wish Scenarios and I think y'all need to put more thought into this stuff."

Annie:  "Whatever, Jeff. {could feel her eyes rolling even though we were on the cell phones} what would your one wish be?"

Jeff:  "To be the inventor of Teleportation.  See this is genius.  Most people would wish for the ability to Teleport.  In my opinion, that is cool but is also short sighted.  If I INVENT Teleportation then I am easily going to be able to Teleport, right?  BUT I will also reap the financial rewards of the invention.  So by wishing to be the inventor of Teleportation I am getting another cliche wish which is to be rich.  Two for the price of one!  And when the weather is shitty here we can just Teleport to San Diego or Alaska for your run. Trifecta!

Pretty sure Annie hung up someplace in the middle of this conversation so she may or may not of heard my very excellent wish.  Oh, I was stuck in traffic at the time too.

Mad points to whoever can tell me where the title of the post came from?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Isn't that a Pearl Jam song/lyric?

  2. "Wishlist" by Pearl Jam. LOVE that song! Brings me back to 1997/1998. Makes when wanna teleport back to then and tell my 14/15 year old self to invest in Apple and Google

  3. You guys are too quick with the lyrics!

    So if time travel can also be part of teleportation then we have real winner here folks!

  4. ahhhh you used the "S word" that how my boys call stupid!! they would give you fine you for bad use of the S word!!!! :)

    did you get flowers on the way home?

  5. Wasn't this already invented in Star Trek? Oh sorry, it was invented by willy wonk a (wonkavision) but wasn't perfected until after the Mike TV incident.

  6. hopefully third times the charm to leave this comment, friggin' blogger.

    I can't wait to see Pearl Jam Twenty, I heart Eddie Vedder.

  7. You know...
    Having lived in Houston...
    I get Annie's wish.

    And you need to remember.. when your brain is fried, it is tough to think of the really COOL wishes...

    I'm here all week at the comedy club... tell your friends...

  8. haha, love that song too. I was I was a neutron bomb.....

  9. You guys sound more and more like Tom and I all the time! Can't wait to meet you both!

  10. Jeff, while she may not have hung up on you that early, she checked out at the end of your first sentence!

    One must make a compliment sandwich around the snarkiness in order to not upset the wifey. "What a wonderful wish, Annie. Of course, it's a really stupid wish, but I value your opinion because you're beautiful and brilliant (usually)" :-)

  11. I can picture it now. You launch into your idea, turn around and find that Annie has left the room. haha!

    That was a stupid wish on her part though. :)

  12. Living in southern Mississippi I totally get Annie. I am sure Annie didn't hang up on you, probably just interference or maybe a drop zone... That happens when I am talking to my boss all the time. ;o)

  13. When it comes to matters of logic; you can A) Correct your wife's logic flaws, demonstrating your superior logic and wisdom; or B) Stay married

    Only kidding... sort of... : )

  14. Annie gets huge points for having the patience of a saint!

    Jon's comment cracked me up, "brings me back to 1997/1998". (oh so long ago....). Just a reminder that I'm old enough to be some y'alls mom, yikes!

  15. My daughter always says her wish is to have 100 more wishes. Haha! Smart.

  16. BAHAHAHAHAHA, I agree with you 100% on this one, oh geez, did I just admit that, print this out and frame it, doesnt happen much

  17. Found your blog while browsing through P90X-related articles, I think it's badass that you do triathlons.

  18. Ha ha this is pretty funny. But I am with Annie. :)

  19. Ok, I will have to take your side on this one. Looks like the comments are divided across the gender line!

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