Monday, January 5, 2009

Doctor on Thursday

Thanks to everyone who has sent emails wishing me well!

First off, I have an appointment with my Doctor on Thursday to look at my ailing shoulder. It seems to be doing better. I can raise my arm up in the air again and the pain has subsided tremendously. I am hopeful that I can jump back into the program after the Thursday meeting and I will keep you all posted.

I am also considering moving my blog to a health and fitness site. They have contacted me and want me to become a regular writer on their site. I would keep the same format and everything would look pretty similar except the site would be, instead of They would also like me to try out some different exercise programs. I've decided to hold off any any decision until I know how the shoulder injury turns out!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Happy your shoulder is feeling better. Looking forward to hear what happens with new blog possibility -- that sounds neat!

  2. I am currently on my first Rest week of the Plus. Today I did Core Synergystics. I killed the staggered hands push up w/ 50 of them. I think when I started out I was doing 25 or 30(I’m not sure b/c core doesn’t have a worksheet). Anyways it has been exciting to do some workouts from the classic X again. I also smashed my Back and Biceps yesterday moving almost all reps up or increasing weight! So keep on Bringing it Brother!! Potentially cool news on the blog....keep me updated!! Hope everything goes well with the Doctor on Thursday!!

  3. Good luck at the doc! Hope your shoulder gets better. Went to the doc on Monday for my finger and it was worthless. At least he didn't send me for x-ray...

    Good luck on the new site decision. Your literary prowess will be made known to the world! LOL