Wednesday, January 14, 2009

P90X + PLUS Review

So back in December I became a graduate of P90X. I felt and looked great and the only question I had was, "What's Next?"

According to Tony Horton and his BeachBodies cronies the P90X + is what was next. So, I did some low impact cardio exercising for about a week and jumped into the PLUS

Now take this review for what it is and that would be an incomplete. The reasoning is that I re-injured my left shoulder two weeks into the PLUS and unfortunately had to stop out of fear of really harming myself. Now that my shoulder appears healthy I am going to start again but not with PLUS, I am going with the good old P90x Classic.

After going through the PLUS exercises twice I came to the realization that I did not like them as much as the P90X routines. To me they felt a little forced and at times awkward. I liked the fact that they were only 40-45 minutes and that the downtime between exercises was reduced making the video even more fast paced than the original. But, the flow of the PLUS felt forced and the exercises seemed like Tony was just making stuff up to show how EXTREME he was. Sometimes doing a regular old push-up or chin-up in not a bad thing? I also realized that Beachbodies had two workout schedules floating around for PLUS which makes me believe that others felt the same awkwardness that I did about the PLUS. Having a background in Marketing my experience would lead me to assume BeachBodies released this product to early or before it was adequately tested and had to make an adjustment. Unfortunately most products do not recover from these types of adjustments.

Now does this mean I hate the PLUS? No, I actually really like Interval X, Kenpo Plus and Total Body Plus. I'd be happy if I never see Upper Plus or Abs/Core Plus again. What this means is that I think some of the PLUS routines would be nice to mix in with the original P90X but as a stand alone product P90X PLUS would get a failing grade from me but since I didn't do the full 90 days it will get an: Incomplete.

As always, this is just my opinion and it is a limited opinion based on only two weeks so take it for what it is.

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  1. I AGREE 110%! I like the same vids of that series that you do, but not the full thing overal, I think he was on uber-extreme mode and pushing the BowFlex selecttechs a bit much. I don't have a full review either because I don't think I could have yself go through a full round with only an X+ rotation. Still good workouts in there you just need to get creative and split it up between X and X+.

  2. Forgot to mention the bowflex selecttechs --- you are right, it is like one giant bowflex selecttech commercial. Pretty annoying also.

  3. J-

    I agree with your review. I have been doing the x+ since finishing my first round of P90x 11/30/07. While I didn't totally bag the whole program, I have modified it by adding some Tony's One on One DVDs. I have to say those are a nice variety to both P90x and plus. He does push both the stands and the selecttechs a little bit too much. Almost like a "paid" infomercial. But, I got a pair during my round of x and I really, really like them. I found them on sale with the stand and they were a pretty good deal. I have a buddy who doesn't do any BB but works out at home and has used the selectechs for several years and he actually sold me on them. If you do decide to go for them, I'd go to Costco, or wait for an online deal. Don't buy them thru Bowflex. I got mine for $349 which included the stand and shipping. Enough of my preaching, but I think the selecttechs are great and are the real deal.

  4. Couldn't agree more big guy! That's why I told you I stopped the PLUS. It felt like a Selecttech commercial and I didn't feel like the Upper Plus and the Abs Core Plus was giving me the workout I was looking for. Glad you'll be back on the P90X train soon. When I come to Houston in March we'll have to bust out the videos together just like before!

  5. I'm gonna try to tough it out...I definantly have similar sentiments. The Plus definantly seems a little forced and is still confusing to me and I am now on week 5. I also think that it is based more on endurance and stamina. Plus some of those excercises like the L-pull-ups are next to impossible last time I did them I think I got 3..... The "selectech commercials" thing is also annoying as hell but, I am really starting to see more definition on my bottom 2 abs which has been very pleasing since it has become a pet peave of mine.... hopefully the Plus will keep it up and the definition lines will deepen. Can't wait to see some more posts from you next week playa!! Time to up all of your numbers!!

    P.S. I recorded 24 earlier this week and watched the first one from Sunday....A+ (I am not a total stranger to Jack Bauer I watched a few seasons a couple years back...)

  6. LBB -- the bowflex look like a great product and the $349 is a good price.... I might have to start shopping craigslist and ebay.

    Matt -- good to back buddy. Nice work by keep pushing play with the PLUS. Your new pic over at the Plate shows that it is working for you. Keep up the awesome work.

  7. the only reason why they advertise and talk about the selectechs so much, is because bowflex paid them a ton of money, Tony Traci and Mark in fact hate them with a passion :D

  8. I really do not have a problem with the bowflex selecttechs -- I actually think they look like a pretty good product - albeit a little pricey!

    My problem was with the infomercial type promoting of them throughout the entire PLUS series. Product placement is fine ... Pounding product placement into submission is not!

    Hell, I keep waitng for the "Sham Wow" infomercial guy to jump out and start using the Select Techs!

  9. Thanks Jeff and to all those who commented. Great review. I am glad I read it before laying out the cash for it.

    I know what you mean about Tony kind of just showing how extreme he can be. I mean, corn cob pull-ups. While it does show his toughness, I really don't know the purpose of it. Don't take me wrong, I am a dyed in the wool P90Xer. I just notice these things even in P90X classic too.

  10. Thanks for a review of the P90X plus. I am just starting it myself after completing the first 90 days. Hopefully I can complete this one too :)