Wednesday, January 28, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 9 -- Plyometrics

Sorry about the late post. I've been real busy at work...

Anyways, yesterday was my plyometrics workout. I coasted a little through this one mainly because in the back of my mind I feel like I am losing too much weight. I was down to 161 pounds yesterday morning. A full 20 pound loss since I start P90X! Unfortunately for me, weight loss is not my goal this round -- muscle gain is!

So, I am going to change up the diet some. My current intake is about 2600 calories a day with a breakdown of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, and 20% Fat. I've decided to jump into the Phase 3 of the P90X nutrition guide which is 60% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 20% Fat. Hopefully, by doing this my body will burn all the excess carbs instead of the fat and I will stop losing weight.

Another thing I am going to do is add some weight gaining supplements. The first product I am going to use is Cell Mass. Cell Mass is a Creatine based product that is to be used as a post-workout/recovery drink. It is also advertised as helping with muscles mass while you sleep .. we shall see! The second product is Nitrix>. Nirix is supposed to help blood flow to your muscles, which in-turn will decrease fatigue, which will allow for more reps, which will tear your muscles more each workout, which will over time create greater muscle growth (yes, I just took a deep breathe after reading that!).

The bottom line is that by following both the P90X nutrition guide and workouts I have turned my body into a lean, mean fat burning machine. And I do not know what else to do to make it stop!! I am sure eating pizza, fried chicken everyday, and a six-pack of beer Would fatten me right up but that lifestyle is no longer an option. It needs to be done eating clean with the aide of some supplements.

Alright -- now it is time to go workout!

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  1. Keep Keepin on buddy.... I have been seeing this comment alot around the internet latley, I figured I would try out this generic form of encouragment...did it work did it work??? ahahah Anyways I have had very little time to catch up on any workout type stuff latley. I am getting close to my second recovery week which is going to be great considering doing that upper Plus twice a week has seriously got me hating it...... Stay Strong and beat up on the ab ripper for me!

  2. I travelled out of town on Monday, so knocked out Chest and Back Monday morning, and did Plyo X Tuesday evening after getting home. I wasn't coasting, but I just didn't feel "it". My diet on the road sucked, even though I tried to keep it clean. Plus, I forgot to do my ABX Monday in the hotel.

    Anywho, knocked out Kenpo (I'm doing Yoga on Saturday due to my schedule), but didn't finish because I had to rush my son to school. thinking about extending my 1st Week 3.

    Did you ever extend a week during your first session? I hate it, but I feel too gooey headed into my transition week. I want to feel hammered, like I did last week.

  3. "Keep Keepin on buddy" .... I've noticed that cliche alot recently too. Funny. It did work ... I just finished yoga and didn't want to punch myself in the face once!

    Another one I have heard like a million times, "It is what it is." I don't even know what the hell that means, yet every sports interview I see someone says it.

    Matt, you need to add the ARX back into your life ... it is glorious! So much better than Abs/Core Plus.

  4. BCV,

    Personally, I wouldn't extend a week. Bring It extra hard during the recovery week. And I use the word "recovery" loosely. If you haven't done Core Synergistics yet you will see why -- it is awesome!

    I traveled a few times during rd1 and did the best I could in the hotels. And eating on the road is very difficult so I know what you are feeling.

    You could even add a doubles day by adding Cardio X. It is only 45mins and will kick your ass.

    But that is just my opinion and the important thing is to listen to your body -- if it says add a day or two then go for it.


  5. Hey Jeff, way to bring it with a new round of classic! I think Ab core plus is probably what hurt your shoulder. It really started to bother mine until I switched to the hanging ab straps. I've been using BSN No Xplode and Cell Mass. Just started a new cycle and really like both. You should go to its less expensive than the link you posted. Keep up the great work and thanks for the updates. Have a good one.


  6. That is a good site Glenn. I was going to get the Nitrix for $69.99 -- 360pack -- at Nutrition Depot tomorrow.(48.99 on this site) Thanks for posting it!

    Oh, at GNC Nitrix was $63.99 for only 180 - GNC sucks ass.

  7. Thanks for the input about extending a week. I went after it this morning during Legs and Back. Creepy Lunges thrashed my legs again and I added 10 lbs to my lat pulldowns (in place of chins/pull ups) I can see some size and shape after three weeks, plus I've dropped almost 6 lbs, so maybe it is a good time to go into the Recovery Week.

    I have done Core Synergistics before. When I first got P90X, I went through all DVD's in order, just to see what they were about. Core is a blaster, so I do have that to look forward to!

    Thanks for the link to Mass Nutrition. I'll go there when I need to get supplements. GNC is too pricey.


  8. Steve,

    Nice job on the weight loss and making it to the recovery week! Don't all those psych guru's say it takes 21 days of repetition for something to become a habit? Well you are there. Good work!