Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Triathlon Training: 1000 Yard Bilateral Swim

Last night I was able to get to the gym around 9pm and get in a quick 40 laps. For the first 30 laps I did nothing by the bilateral 5 stroke and then the last 10 laps I did five on the left and five on the right every other stroke. I want to be efficient with both strokes in case the conditions are rough or if sighting becomes an issue.

Other than that my eating has been nothing but clean since I've returned from Spain. I don't even think I have had a single beer. And my body is responding to the high quality nutrition because my strength and stamina has been off the charts the last few days.

This evening I am going to do a medium-high paced 5k. Going to try and do it around 24-25 minutes just to give my heart a good aerobic and some anaerobic workout. Tomorrow will be an easy 30 or so laps at the pool. Friday I was planning to do a light 2 mile run but I may not have time as it is the last day of the month at work. Then we are making the 3 hour drive to New Braunfels. We rented a house for the weekend since the the Tri is on Sunday morning.

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  1. three days to go Jeff, Good luck! I'm looking forward to your write up when done.


  2. Thanks Chuck, I appreciate the encouragement and I will have a nice long write up with hopefully a bunch of pictures.

  3. Bilateral 5's will help out greatly with your swim. Dude, I a rooting for you big time!

    Sounds like a good plan with your run!