Sunday, July 12, 2009

Triathlon Training Days 77-86: Running of the Bulls

I am finally back in good old Texas! What a great time we had in Pamplona at the Festival of San Fermin and the Running of the Bulls. This video above was taken from a balcony on the first day of the running. If you watch closely a runners gets jacked up pretty good!

I ran on the the second day and the only word I can use to describe the experience is: SURREAL!

We started towards the end of the course and made it into the arena where 20,000 spectators were cheering us on. When the bulls began to approach I could actually feel a rumble on the cobblestone road and started to run like hell! One bull passed me on the left side and I made it to the entrance of the stadium with the remaining bulls right next to me. At that point my heart was beating like never before and I made an immediate right into the stadium, avoiding the bulls, and celebrated like a madman!

Here is a picture of my friends Chris, me, and Jeremy in the stadium shortly after the run:

I am not sure what was more dangerous: the actual bulls or the crazy runners coming at you like a swarm of bees. I ended up getting a little dazed by an elbow that caught me solidly on the jaw but adrenaline took over and I didn't even feel that until the next day. I also woke up with a huge bruise on my ribs. All worth it for this once in a lifetime experience.

Now, my training has gone to hell. I did not get a single day of exercise in while on the trip, ate like garbage, and was sleep deprived. The funny thing is the place we stayed was like 4 miles away from the Festival and we probably walked 30-40 miles over the four days and I actually came back weighing a pound less! Actually the eating wasn't horrible the problem was the mass quantities of beer!

And tomorrow morning is not going to get any better. I am having all four of my wisdom teeth removed. In a perfect world I would wait until after the Triathlon to have this procedure done but I am experiencing a great deal of discomfort and they need to come out. I have no idea how I am going to react. Usually I am a pretty quick healer and am able to tolerate minor pain but from what others have told me the wisdom teeth can be pretty bad. I am hopeful that I can resume training on Wednesday or Thursday.

So wish me luck for tomorrow and I will be back soon with an update.

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  1. Wow, what a rush! Your description of the event sounds just like you see on TV!

    When I was watching the video, I thought the same thing... the danger comes from both the bulls and the other runners.

    Oh, btw, I had all my wisdom teeth pulled and I heard all the horror stories too. For me it went very well. They came out easy. I hope the same for you.

  2. Jeff,
    This is crazy! I could only imagine the amount of adrenaline that was pumping through your body. Glad you made it back without injury!


  3. ganesha's exercise logMonday, 13 July, 2009

    I had one wisedom tooth pulled with no pain killer. The dentist actually climbed onto the chair to mass enough leverage to pull it out. Evidently the roots were wrapped around the jaw somewhat.

    The other one slipped out easily. It was infected and the dentist gave me shots for the infection and asked me to come back when healed and then he pulled it out easily with little force or leverage.

  4. Jeff:

    Welcome back! Glad you made it in one piece. I'm one of the fortunate few who have never had the need to have wisdom teeth removed. My son had all 4 done at once, as did my wife. I hope your procedure goes smoothly.


  5. Yes that's pretty much the pool, except it's two way traffic!!