Thursday, July 16, 2009

Triathlon Training: 5K and ARX

Alright everyone the Carrot is back up and running!

After my Pamplona excursion and wisdom teeth extractions I am back on track and ready to blog.

First off, the removal of my wisdom teeth wasn't all that bad. I went in the Doctor (who is a good buddy of mine) gave me a few shots and he yanked those suckers out. The crackling sound they made was sort of cool - yes I am demented! The problems occurred after when my sockets would not stop bleeding. Two-and -a-half days of bleeding and it sucked. The first day was awful because I had to change the gauze like every 20 minutes and I had that shitty iron taste in my mouth. I was actually nauseous for the entire time - a very rare occurrence for me.

Anyways, I am back on solid foods and have my sights set square on the Triathlon. I wanted to ease back into training today and just do a light 1.5 mile run followed by 1.5 miles of jogging. Well, I got to the gym and hit the treadmill and just ended up running 5K. I did do it at a little slower pace - finished in 27:10 - just to be safe. My HR was up a little higher than I would have liked but I guess that is to be expected considering the amount of time I was inactive.

After the run I went to the back of the gym and did a pretty aggressive Ab Ripper X workout. Even used the 10lb medicine ball for the mason twists. I was feeling beat up when I left - awesome feeling!

Since I have been home my diet has been clean. I had some fried rice tonight at dinner (Benihanas) with coworkers and I wasn't pleased but that was the only choice and I was starving. Scallops and Chicken Breast for the main meal. And the last few days have been tons of protein shakes since it was hard to eat anything solid. I found myself craving carbs.

I basically have 2 weeks to go until the Triathlon. Tomorrow night I am going go swimming and get in at least 1500 Yards and do ARX again. Saturday morning is going to be an early AM cycle on the 26.2 Mile Road Course. Sunday will start a hole new Run-Swim-Bike repeat, until race day.

Good to be back!


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  1. That's a bummer about the bleeding. I know what you mean about that metal taste.

    I like your ability to refocus on your triathlon. Its getting exciting now. You are going to do exceptionally well.

    I am looking forward to your training posts leading up to your event.