Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Triathlon Training: 3.1 Mile Run + Ab Ripper X

So I go to the gym this evening with the intention of swimming and practicing my breathing. I get there and some swim club/team/group/thingy is in the pool. Some crazy foreign dude was yelling at the people swimming laps. A coach, I assumed. I listened for a minute and couldn't tell if he was yelling in English or not. Very weird. It was about 5 minutes after 6pm and they are usually done at 6:30. Luckily, I brought my running shoes and shorts so I decided to jump on the treadmill and get a lower intensity run in and then go swim when the pool opens up.

I did 3.1 miles in around 25 minutes. I ran at a nice pace and can really feel my conditioning coming back to me. And a huge difference in my HR without the NO-Xplode! I could have pushed it a little harder but wanted to save something for the pool. By the time I finished and cleaned off the treadmill and had some water it was about 6:45 and they were still in the damn pool! So, I went up to the weight area and grabbed a mat and did ARX. Used an 8 lb medicine ball again for the Mason Twists! By this time it was 7pm and I went down to the pool again and as I was walking down the steps I noticed a new pool schedule hanging on the wall. This group has the pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-7:30pm! I was too hungry to wait another half hour so I just went home. I am sort of PO'd that my gym lets this group have the indoor pool for 3 hours during peak time. On M/W/F another group has it from 5-6:30, I can live with that but the Tues & Thurs is not cool. Might have to find a new gym!

I'd like to go to the pool early tomorrow but our upstairs A/C is not working and the repair man is coming at 7:30am. I am very concerned that my Quintana Roo fund is going to have to be used to fix the stupid air conditioner. Hopefully it is a small insignificant part that needs fixed (yes, I am aware that I am delusional) and it won't cost hardly anything. But when it is 100 degrees everyday the A/C in your house is a lot more important than a new Tri Bike!

Tomorrow will be a swimming day.

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  1. What a bummer about the group swim thing! When they have group activities at our YMCA pool they usually keep at least 3 lanes open for lap swimmers.

    I have been swimming in the ocean lately because there are a bunch of summer programs going on at the pool. I am also getting to where I prefer the ocean swims. I may terminate my YMCA membership. My company pays for my 24 Hour Fitness membership so I can still workout.

    Btw, I would vote for AC over the bike too. We use our AC all year round. I wouldn't want to go without it in Hawaii. I definitely would not want to go without it in Houston during the summer!!!

  2. I was about to ask the same thing that Boomer asked...aren't there lap lanes open? I'd complain big-time! If the managers hear it enough, they might do that. I did mason twists with a medicine ball AND those "steering wheel" moves this morning, and my abs/core are trashed. I'll be sore tomorrow!

    Boomer, interesting that you mention AC year round in HI. Our company bid a project for a private residence (not sure what island) that was open all four sides. The only rooms enclosed were bedrooms and water closets (architect-speak for bathrooms!)...but no AC! Builder claimed it was temperate year round and they didn't need it!

  3. BTW, just remembered that project was on Maui. We weren't awarded the project - but I sure would have loved to make a site visit!

  4. Yeah, I wasn't real pleased about the pool. Their may have been a public lane but if there was it was full because every lane had at least 3 ppl in it.

  5. There are a lot of homes that are built correctly which takes advantage of the trade winds and those homes are comfortable without A/C. Having the home built on 4 sides sounds right to me!

  6. Boomer - what was the name of the "haze" or "smog" your were talking about from the volcanos? Those house would probably suck when then that stuff is around!

  7. Boomer - what was the name of the "haze" or "smog" your were talking about from the volcanos? Those house would probably suck when then that stuff is around!