Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week Five, Day Four: 1 Hour Run + 40 Minute Swim

Got up this morning and it pretty much looked like this outside.  But the good thing is neither Annie nor I actually looked outside before we changed into our running gear. And by the time we realized it was raining we were on the front porch.  Too late to turn around! 

The run was done very easy, just like my training plan recommended.  It rained the entire run, except for the last 2 minutes.  I was completely soaked to the bone but still enjoyed the hour run.  Ended up at my front porch again right at the 1:00 mark ... I love it when I end up at my finishing point right when I am supposed to!  Total run was 6.09 miles. 

After an afternoon conference call I headed to the gym for a swim.  I ended up doing 1500 meters in about 40 minutes.  No drills today just 2x750 with a couple of minute pee break in-between.  Yes, I got out of the pool (-:

My swimming is becoming a lot more effortless but I am still slow.  Tomorrow I am going to hammer some more drills and continue to just keep getting more comfortable in the water.

Tomorrow is a 30 minute swim.  If I am not feeling too beat down I might get in another short run.

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  1. i finally got to run in shorts too! 45 degrees doesn't feel so cold anymore. reading about your swimming, sounds like me...slow but getting a little more efficient each time. i'm going to start focusing on drills a little more too. good luck with all the training!

  2. I love running in the rain. Down south it really is a nice treat. good for you two for not turning back!

  3. I am jealous, I want to run in shorts!!

  4. KC -I been the Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD from The first 20 minutes of the DVD have a bunch of different drills to do and it has really helped me.

  5. Jennifer and Diesel - We had 1.5 days of okay weather and then winter came back. It was nice while it lasted!

  6. are you supposed to get out of the pool???

  7. William, I assume you mean the Drils? They are all done in the pool. Kick, pull, one arm, balance, high elbow, fist ...etc. I have always read about how to do these drill but the DVD shows you how from a bunch of different views and being that I am a visual learner this really helped. However, I am still slow but have the right practice techniques to work on getting faster!!

  8. Jeff, today was the first day in a month where I didn't have to wear a jacket home from work. It's glorious.

    Your swimming sounds like its coming along nicely. I think once you get your form, speed will come.

    BTW, last night I was poking around my weight room and found my stack of P90X logs. It was a year ago this week that I started it, and it was one year ago tonite that I realized I couldn't do Yoga on a weekday...that was in my notes. Wow, how time flies!

  9. About time for some warmer weather in the South. You guys were like N. Dakota for awhile!

    Can't believe it has been over a year for you with the X. Seems like 3 months ago, huh?

    I was just going over some old posts and pushing my p90x stuff to the bottom of my side bar. It was back in '08 when i started doing this blogger crap and it seems just like yesterday. Time really does fly.

  10. ...BTW, that was me..."S"...not sure how I got just "S"...Friday night fog, perhaps.

    My New Years Resolution is to start a blog this year. I started a new job in December which will allow my time to be more flexible during the week, something I did not have in my old position.

  11. S - I figured it out! Let me know when you start the blog and I'll get it linked up so the rest of the blogoshere can participate in some of you torturous workouts!

    Great news about the new job. I did something similar with my real estate company a couple of weeks ago. It is no longer going to take my nights and weekends and I can do the training I want!