Friday, January 8, 2010

Week Four, Day Four: 2 hours on Trainer

Not a very eventful day.  I rode the bike for 2 hours in the morning and watched, "The International".  It was a Thriller about a multinational bank that will do anything to protect it's interests.  In the end I am not sure which was more brutal - 2 hours on the trainer or Clive Owens' acting?  It wasn't all Clive Owens fault, the plot was just overtly stupid, but yet tried to pass itself off as intelligent.  I probably would have turned it off 30 minutes in but I dropped the DirecTV remote on the carpet and didn't want to stop and get off the bike.  Do not waste your time with this crappy movie.

In the evening I went do a bar/restaurant with some buddies to watch the Texas vs Alabama game.  I was absolutely starving and this place has nothing but junk on the menu.  So when in Rome .....  I had 4 sliders for an appetizer, a Chicken sandwich with fries for the dinner, and then about 5-6 buffalo wings leftover from one of my buddies.  I only had maybe 4 beers the entire night and had at least two glasses of water in between each beer.  I really do not like eating junk like this.  I am not worried that I am going to gain weight or anything because of how rare I eat poorly but I just hate the way I feel the next day.  I have been sluggish since I woke up.  Food is my fuel, got to eat the high octane stuff

Getting ready to jump on the trainer for 45 minutes or so and watch District 9!  Be back later with a recap and tell you about some new gear purchases made this morning!  Oh, BTW, we are doing a 1/2 Marathon on Sunday morning!

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  1. Dude, I can't imagine doing 2 hours on the trainer. That is a mental feat! Thanks for the heads up on the movie!