Monday, January 18, 2010

Week Five, Day Seven: 2 Hours on the Trainer + "Inglorious Basterds"

Jumped on the trainer for a nice little 2 hour ride.  Boy, it was tough!  It was a VERY long sit in that saddle.  Luckily, I had on the DAL vs MIN game.  Which was a pretty crappy game unless you were a Vikings fan.

Anyways the first hour or so wasn't too bad.  By the second hour my butt started to get pretty sore.  I am using the OEM saddle on my Quitana Roo and really need to get a more comfy one.  Especially as my rides keep getting longer.

After the ride I took a quick shower, ate a sandwich and had a whey protein recovery drink.  Then I sat down to watch the Quentin Tarantino flick "Inglorious Basterds".  This movie has received a bunch of award nominations and has been critically acclaimed so I was excited to sit down and watch!

Now this movie started off very uncomfortable. A Nazi named Hans Landu (played brilliantly by Christoph Waltz) better known as the "Jew Hunter" interrogating a man and his family who were hiding Jews at their farm house in rural France during the German occupation of WWII.  This was probably my favorite scene in the entire movie!  Then from there we meet the "Basterds" who are a bunch of Jewish American soldiers, led by Brad Pitt, dropped into France with one goal - to Kill Nazis. 

The "Basterds" succeed with their one goal numerous times in the movie and in typical Tarantino fashion they succeed rather violently!  The movie is very entertaining and at times funny.  Brad Pitt's character is over the top but in a good way.  He is the leader of a bunch of cold blooded Nazi killers and in order for this crew to be believable then the leader needs to be a bit "off".  The individual performances were very good but the movie itself missed as a whole.  The story was historically inaccurate and as my buddy Mike pointed out the ending would have been better if the historical revisionist part was left out.  As not to ruin it for you I will not go into detail about the ending but it was a big FAIL in my opinion. 

Overall, I would give it a 7/10.  It was an entertaining movie but was not deserving of the praise it has received. 

Today is a 45 minute ride and then a 45 minute swim after work.

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  1. Hmmm....been thinking about watching that movie. I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, but it looked cool. I'm all about historical and factual detail so if the movie blows it, I won't like it.

    Gotta get a leather saddle dude. I know, I sounds brutal at the beginning but it will mold to your motion and you'll love it.

  2. If you buy another saddle let me know what you buy. I have the stock saddle that came with the felt and I suffer on anything longer than 90 minutes. So I am planning to get one not sure what though... Guess everyone needs their own comfort. Congrats on the long training you are putting in! I need to get back on track myself!

  3. I've heard great things about the Adamo saddles. They're nose-less so instead of sitting on "the boys" you sit on your "sit bones". I don't have the $$ to drop on one right now, but i'd definitely see if a local bike shop would let you demo one.

  4. Steve -- IB was entertaining but NOT even close to historically accurate. But if you can suspend belief check it out!

  5. Todd and Jason - I have actually been considering the Adamo saddle. Everyone at BT loves it. They have a good return policy so I am thinking that I might have to pull the trigger on it real soon.

    Todd - what type of volume are you doing for your first week of IM training?

  6. Jeff - Volume is really low for the first couple of weeks. I did something to my foot during my 1/2 back in October so I literally didn't do anything till about two weeks ago. So my guy has laid out a pretty easy build up for the first 4 weeks to give my foot time to adjust. Only have about 2500yds in the pool, 1:30 on the bike, 1:00 of strength training, and only 3-4 miles on the road this week. My only goal this year is to rock IML so i have to be patient early on.

  7. Man, two hours in the saddle! I hope you lifted off the seat a few times. Dude, you are not only physically fit, but mentally fit too.

    One thing about your long rides, however, is that we get movie reviews LOL!

    Ok, so I will cross Basterds off the list.