Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week Six, Day Six: 5K Race + 25.6 Mile Ride

Oh, how I love you Foam Roller!!!!!

This morning was a 5K race (see race report below) in the morning.  This is going to make my northern readers angry but it was hot and humid for the race.  I was soaked with sweat 5 minutes into it!  I forgot how difficult breathing can be in the Houston humidity.  Luckily, it is all leaving us tonight and the upcoming week will be mid to high 60's during the day and mid to low 40's at night .... ahhhhh, winter in Southeast Texas is awesome!

After a brunch and some laundry and some fire ant mound destroying I strapped the bike to the back of the car and drove down to Huffman for my first outdoor ride of the year.  It almost didn't happen because my rack did not want to work on my new car.  A couple of weeks ago I swapped out my '07 Grand Prix with 95K on it (I drive a TON) for a new Chevy Impala.  The Impala trunk is a lot bigger than the Pontiac and my rack had to be rigged a little to make it work.  Probably going to have to get another one. Nothing is ever easy!!

I ended up doing 25.6 miles in 1:24.  That is a little over an 18.5 mph average - even with a pee break in the woods!  Last year on this same route I had trouble averaging 16mph over this distance so all the indoor trainer work this winter is paying off for me!  And the best part is that I didn't really hammer it all that hard.  I was playing with a new aero bottle and a new bike computer.  I think the main difference is that I am much more comfortable in the aero position this year and that really helps with the time.

I was going to ride for another :30 mins but it started to rain and the sky was getting dark.  All the cars had their lights on so for safety purposes I called it a day.  Better to be safe than roadkill.

To recap:  AM - 3.1 miles run in 20.48;  PM -  25.6 miles bike in 1hr 24 minutes.

Tomorrow is scheduled for a 45 minute swim.
Correction ... REST DAY ... Woot!

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  1. Your first outdoor ride of the year was a good one. 18.5 is decent average over that distance. You time is good considering your pee break. I have read a lot reports where people pee on the bike during a race. If I ever do another triathlon, I hope I don't have to do that.

  2. Jeff, great ride! All that indoor work you did really paid off. The legs didn't get foggy on you which is the main thing.

    Ant mounds already? I have two months before I worry about those critters.

  3. Boomer - I have read those reports as well. They scare me. This blog as my witness, "I will never pee on myself while riding my bike.NEVER.EVER."

    Steve - I was amazed the fire ants were out so early as well. We have had some rain and 70 degree days so they wasted no time at all. I am taking my dog to the the groomers and then going home and am going to burn them all to hell!!!!

  4. You know the old joke don't you? What were the rednecks last words before he died: "Hey y'all, watch this!"

    We need pics of this counteroffensive, Jeff. Let's just hope your fire ants haven't tunneled under your house! :)

  5. HAHA, ohh, I almost forgot, keep it pg-13, ummm ok. All I can say then is my foam roller is my other mistress, behind my TT. My roadie is my real love. Is it bad that I have 2 mistresses?