Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Legend Grows: SAUSAGE ON A STICK

Last weekend Annie and I ran in the La Porte by the Bay Half Marathon.  We had an awesome time but one of the things that really stole the entire show for me was the SAUSAGE ON A STICK at the post race party.  My Race Report went as far to describe the SAUSAGE ON A STICK as glorious, and I stand by that statement!

In the Race Report I also said this:
...And if you are the RD and read this report please include SAUSAGE ON A STICK at every race you direct and you will have a groupie/stalker from this point on!

Well, the blogger gods took care of the rest and through the communicative power that is the interwebz my wife came across this little gem on the FB page for the race this morning:

"Point noted about the sausage on a stick!"
JACKPOT!  Clearly this means the SAUSAGE ON A SICK will become a staple of the race ... and hopefully many, many more races!

And to make things even better I received an email today from the BBQ Maestro himself (Marc from The White Water Cowboy BBQ Company)  and he enjoyed my review so much he invited me to his next BBQ Cook-Off that promises all the BBQ goodness of briskets, chicken, and sausage (of course).

Here is a picture of my reaction:


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  1. I'm a TX girl at heart (lived there from age 2-22), and I'm a vegetarian now. BUT when i read your report and saw your mention of sausage on a stick, I had some very fond memories of my childhood and felt the tingling of a "meat on a stick craving." (minds out of the gutter, kids)

  2. you
    dramatic. ;)

    Your race shot[c] is SCREAMING "take me! TAKE ME!"

    Then there's Annie looking all chill and fabulous. in her sweet Brooks?! Get that girl to a shoe store STAT!

  3. oh ya, what is this skinny meat thing on a stick you speak of?

  4. This is just an all around great day for you, huh?
    Jealous rage is building up inside me!!!

  5. Awesome! "interwebz' press bc of the use of 'meat on a stick' must be a real high for you! :)

  6. You realize that when people google "meat on a stick" they are coming to you buddy! :)

    Love it!

  7. if u use THE google to search meat on a stick does carrot show up? Now that would be ironic.

    This is just hilarious though.

  8. EMZ - Guilty as charged.

    Laura - Really I do not even have the words to describe my excitement. Jeff + Potty humor + interwebz press = NIRVANA

    Colleen - I intentionally did not use the phrase "M.o.a.S" so when the crazies google that phrase they are going to find comments from: EMZ, Laura, M, and Colleen and you guys all have backlinks to your blogs .... just sayin' ... hehe

    Now if they search that phrase in google images I might have a problem especially with that pics of me at the bottom of this post!

  9. I love how Annie's all trying to act like she's not really with you in that picture - priceless!

  10. P - she acts that way often (-:

  11. woo hoo to the power of the interwebz AND the power of the SAUSAGE ON A STICK! haha!

    Um, nice finish photo?

  12. You are having a great week! First, the Trakkers team and now this!

  13. BBQ Maestro! ! !

    fantastic picture that is hilarious it looks like you won an Olympic Gold Medal....or found out there is SausageonA STick at the end of the run :-)

  14. That picture was about 6 miles in towards the top of the bridge. Main goal was to try and embarrass my wife and Ruth Ann ... mission accomplished!

  15. Sausage on a stick would need to be matched with a fried twinkie for desert. Also, as this is a family blog, I don't expect you to share what the person behind you in the picture was doing to you. I can just imagine.

  16. RST - I will never tell (-: I had a post last year about a deep fried twinkie and oreo at the Houston Rodeo, but they may want to incorporate the twinkie into next years spread ... good call Joe.

  17. Deep fried butter for IMTX... I will start petitioning the people at WTC

  18. That picture, screams of making it a life size cardboard cutout, nothing screams I love you more then that!!! Do it, do it Annie!!! She can carry it around with her, so she will never miss you (and can be used as a stand in, when she wants to start a fight with you)

  19. Hot diggity!! I think though that you should be holding the sausage instead of the ipod! That is why I just emailed you my photoshopped version.

    I am also, at the moment, feeding my kid a corn dog....on a stick. Does that make me a bad mother? (shhhh...don't tell him it is vegetarian)

  20. The power of the blog lol

    At one of my races they had sausage wrapped in pre syruped pancakes. I cannot even touch that stuff after racing though.