Thursday, December 16, 2010


My wife Annie is doing great at figuring out all the setting on our new SLR camera:

- Training is going poorly this week due to me being sick.  Aaaggghhhhhh.  Tuesday evening I started to feel pretty bad and then when I woke up for my 5am bike ride on Wednesday I was in full blown sick mode.  I showed up at Run club last night and figured I could do 4 easy miles and it would open up the sinuses.  I should have realized this was a bad idea when I walked in the front door and my buddy is standing there and this is the exchange:

Dave:  "You okay?"
Jeff:  "Head cold, I'm fine."
Dave:  "You look like a zombie from 'The Walking Dead'"
Jeff:  "thanks"

-  Still got in the 4 miles but the pace was dreadfully slow and it felt like I was dragging both of my legs.

-  I skipped Master's swim this morning and am supposed to run after work today but might miss that as well.   Pretty sure this sickness is a direct result of my freezing bike ride on Sunday.  Lesson learned.

- I put an Airborne tablet in my coffee this morning - not a good idea.  It tasted awful.  I still had the entire cup because I didn't feel like standing up to get a new cup.

Hope everyone else is have a good week!

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  1. ok now even a fake blonde KNOWS ---- you don't freaking put airborne in coffee?! holy. freaking.cow. YUCK.

    'The Walking Dead' --- now that I [sadly] like......almost as much as sharktopus.

    Annie rocks. and she's great at writing AND with the camera. love it.

    get better!

  2. - Why do I have a feeling those pugs are treated better then royalty

    - I was gonna rip for putting airborne in your coffee, but Emz said it best and better then I could have

  3. Are those prosthetics on the dogs? Sometimes they have legs, sometimes they don't.

  4. Great pics of the pups! They are adorable!

    I am so sorry that you are sick. Try using Emergen C while you are training for your IM. I use it and I think it is really helping me stay a lot healthier!

    And ditto to what EMZ said!

  5. "I put an Airborne tablet in my coffee this morning"

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  6. Jeff—don't sweat missing a day or two.

    Your fitness level is there. You definitely do not want to be sick and STAY sick. Take care of yourself.

    Just know that you probably swim faster with one arm than me with an outboard motor attached to me.

    p.s. my 100 pace is 1:50 Nowhere to go but.... down?

  7. just thinking here... but when you have a head cold, do you kind of look like your pugs? Could you post a pic of yourself so we can compare???
    Hope you get better soon.... you've only got 155 days.

  8. haha the Airborne decision was not one of my better ones. It was 530am, the coffee mug was on the counter, the airborne was right next to it, and without a thought the airborne went in the coffee? I am going to blame the sickness!

  9. Oh God they are so, so cute! Do they get into trouble? Probably good you dialed down your training this week, take rests and soon enough you'll be better. Take it easy and have a great weekend!

  10. OMG I just laughed out loud in my office at the Airborne decision. Such poor choices, Jeff!!!

    I could almost picture you sitting there looking down at your awful cup of coffee, WISHING you had the energy to dump it out and get a new one.

    Get well soon!

  11. Airborne in your coffee. Good God. Clearly you really really need both the airborne AND the coffee :-) Feel better!!

  12. Love the pug pics....I need to post a few of mine.

    Now everybody is saying bad idea, but I am thinking man that Jeff is one tough hombre. Sucked down the coffee even though it tasted horrible. Good for him or he is one lazy dude but I know you are not lazy.

  13. ugh, feel better!

    I'm verrrry bad at taking photos of Frank, on our christmas card photo, he looks like he has no pupils.

  14. NG

    get well

    excellent photos!


  15. feel better and thanks for posting pics of the dogs. They made me feel better!

  16. Funny, I got sick on the same timeline. An ugly head cold as well but I blamed it on running on Sunday when I was already starting to feel run down. No regrets though...that run was worth it! I hope you are feeling better...I finally am! :)

  17. I think Bailey would be jealous of all the attention your pugs are getting in this post..ha ha!!

    I'm sorry you're sick. It sounds like you have what I had (still have). I know you've started your training, but try to rest and take it easy so you can get better sooner rather than later!

  18. grrr, none of your pictures come up on my computer!!! i love puppies!!!!!

  19. airborne in your coffee?? Ugh.

    Love those pictures. Seriously, I am in love with your dogs. They make me happy!