Monday, December 27, 2010

Week Three IM Training Recap

Week 3 has come and gone - bring on #4!  Only 144 more days until Ironman Texas!

So How'd I do with Week 3?

Here are the Results (via Logs):

9700.00 Yd
4h 50m
101.30 Mi
5h 27m
25.03 Mi
3h 47m 10s
Total Time - 14h 04m

Long Run - 15.13 Mi
Long Ride - 60.80 Mi
Long Swim - 3000 Yds

Overall this was about an hour more than what the plan called for and that is because of my excessive amount of swimming.  Lately, I have really been enjoying my time in the pool and have added in some extra work.  My swim fitness is only a couple of weeks away from being Ironman Distance ready!  This is amazing to me because one year ago I never would have imagined that I would feel this way about my swimming.  As a matter of fact, swimming anything over 500 meters petrified me!  

All 5h 27m of the bike were done on the indoor trainer this week thanks to the cooler than normal temperatures in the Houston area.  As those of you that spend anytime on a trainer can attest - this is much more draining mentally than it is physically!  

After three weeks my legs feel really fresh and mentally I am still sharp.  My motivation is very high right now despite the fact the weather has been less than ideal.  I attribute this positive energy level to the large amount of group training I am doing.  This week I did all of my swims and runs either in a group or with a partner.  Now the bike has been a solo effort but as soon as the weather breaks I will be out with my Tri friends sucking wheels.  This group work has helped keep me focus and I plan on continuing it through out the rest of my training!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Solid numbers man. I doubt I will have that much distance in when I am "ironman ready" hahaha.

    Keep it up!

  2. Good stuff. Stay in the pool and on the bike.

    Don't fall victim to over training on the run. Your young, so it shouldn't happen, but lot's of people get hurt a few months out by over doing run training.

  3. Nice job on Week #3. It is amazing what a group can do for your motivation. Keeps you going and you feel guilty for not showing up or keeping up.

    That alone helps with the numbers.

    Great Job Jeff. Keep it up.

  4. Nice work! I, too, have been enjoying my time in the pool. :-)
    Keep it up!

  5. Way to get the workouts done during the holiday season!

  6. Great job! I'm looking forward to following your journey to IMTX!

  7. Excellent mental training on the trainer!
    sounds like you are feeling better?
    3 weeks completed already WOW!
    into it now....NICE


  8. Look forward to racing in TX with you!!

  9. Great week of work. Awesome job!

  10. Nice training week!! You give me hope that my swimming will get where it needs to be too!

  11. Nice work! Your swimming numbers are crazy (as are your hours on the trainer!)

  12. Nice work!! I can't believe you are hitting those kind of numbers in December!!

  13. Lots 'o trainer time there, buddy! Way to get mentally tough. And awesome work in the pool. You're gonna kill your IM!

  14. Jeff... you are an unbelievable wimp. Too cold in Texas?!! C'mon man... cowboy up for Pete's sake. I mean... what in the Sam Hill are you talkin' bout? I'm gonna jack you up like an oil rig ..... okay... I can not even pretend to finish this one.

    Good work hombre. Yeah... what is up with pool time? I am getting jazzed about my swim date tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m.

    Yours in Green,


  15. Nice job Jeff... sounds like a solid week. And will you send some of that swim enjoyment my way - I'm still not there! :)

  16. Way to go! I know nothing about ironman training, but I am so mystified and in awe of it. I think doing one will have to go on my list. You guys and your blogs make me want to push and do something outside of my comfort zone!

  17. Great job for December, wow! Here to keeping up that positive energy for the duration! Happy New Year!