Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week Two IM Training Recap & Other Randomness

This entire week can be summed up in one extremely descriptive word:  YUK!

Week Two Numbers:

Swim:  4600 Yd - 1h 55m
Run:    20.49 Mi - 3h 14m
Bike:   0
Total Volume:  5h 9m

I you are a regular reader you are probably thinking something is off here?  You would be right.  My training plan asked for 12hrs of total volume and I hit less than half of that because I AM SICK. And it really, really sucks!

After my 5am Tuesday morning Master's class I started to feel a little crappy.  I had a ton of appointments and probably drove over 150miles that day and was progressively getting worse.  Annie and I had to go to a friends child's musical recital that evening and my plan was to hit the trainer later that night.  That never happened.  I got home around 8pm and started to feel like death.  Head was hurting, stomach was doing flips, and I was just nauseous all around.  Wednesday I woke up with plans of hitting the bike and couldn't get out of bed.  I finally did and had a long day working and started to feel better.  So I went to my Wednesday night run club at Life Time Fitness.  I did 4 miles and it was an awful experience - most taxing 4 miles I have ever done!  The results from that was to not do any training Thursday or Friday with plans of recovering for the weekend.

Saturday morning rolled around and I felt better.  I meet a few friends and we ripped off 16.5mi running.  I felt so good that I immediately went swimming and got in 2000yds at a recovery pace.  We went to dinner on Saturday night for Annie's Birthday and I still felt okay, not great, just okay.  This morning rolled around and my head felt like it was going to pop from behind my eye sockets and the stomach once again was not good.  Appropriate text messages sent to my riding buddies and it was back to bed until almost 9am.

As I sit here and type I am feeling better and hopefully am almost done with this bug.  I did nothing but sit on the couch today and despite a long day planned on the road for work tomorrow I will not begin training again until Tuesday.

On the bright side, I am now at my optimal race weight of 148 lbs.  That is an 8lbs loss since I got sick on Tuesday.  You got nothing on me Paleo Diet!


  • I know I can be wordy, but that was a lot of rambling above.  Even for me.  Wow.
  • Loved, Loved, Loved the NBC broadcast of Kona yesterday.  Good trainer material for this winter!
  • We had our Annual Tri Club End of the Year Banquet on Friday.  It was an great time had by all and I managed to be medicated up enough to do a presentation on the plans for 2011.  If you are interested in hanging out with a bunch good people and experienced triathletes and live in the North East Houston area consider joining our club.  Click on the newly designed Kingwood Tri Club Website to register.
  • I cannot believe the Steelers lost to the Jets.  Just a crappy game from a team that looked like they didn't even feel like being there.  Mike Tomlin, you and your team need an attitude adjustment.
  • I have the DirecTV season ticket package and being that I was sick today I watched pretty much every NFL game. I am very skilled with the TV remote!  All I can say is that I love Tim Tebow, QB, Denver.  The kid is just a leader of men. He plays with such heart and passion that I wanted to jump off my couch and block for him.  AND since this is sure to come up in the comments - I am not a Flordia Gators Fan, and could care less about most of the SEC.  I just like the way this kid plays.  That is all.
  • I ran 16.5 miles on Saturday and the entire run was effortless.  Just a great feeling and almost zero soreness later that day.  Despite an overall awful week the one silver lining (aside from shitting myself to race weight) is that my legs are in an extremely good place and are ready to take on the next 22 weeks of Ironman training.  The training for the late season 70.3 is 100% responsible.  The takeaway from this is:  Suck It Offseason!
  • Annie and I have a special Christmas morning planned together:  A 15-mile Run!  I know, I know get you a Kleenex right?  I knew all you Endurance Peeps  would get all choked up at this!
  • Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Annie.  You are even more beautiful today then when we met 13 years ago!
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  1. Wow, I hope you are 100% very, very soon!

  2. I'm so sorry you're so sick! I do not know how you managed to run 16M while still being!! I hope you feel better soon!

    I think it's awesome that you're going to do 15M together x-mas morning! Awesome! And, happy Birthday to Annie! What a sweet comment you wrote about her!

  3. Happy Birthday, Annie!

    Wow - 16.5 miles effortlessly? I'm so jealous.

    Feel better soon!

  4. I am tired just thinking about your training! :)

    Happy birthday to Annie! :)

  5. Feel better soon (but don't push too hard), and Happy Birthday to Annie.

  6. Don't push yourself too hard. Get well soon.

  7. rest up and get better soon. I saw the 4600 yds swim and I just figured that was one session for ya...
    I love the Jets!! well, Marc Sanchez anyway :D

  8. Bummer that you go that sick! GO AWAY SICKNESS!

    I wonder if you had done a mini taper with the sickness and that is why the long run you did was so effortless?

    Happy birthday to your wife!

  9. Hope you feel better! Better sick now than week 18 right?? :)

    Happy Birthday to Annie! Between her birthday and your Christmas plans you are going to have a lot of celebrating (I mean endurance running) to do!

  10. Hope you are feeling better! Being sick just sucks. Happy Birthday Annie!

  11. - Kona was great as always, I love how they sorta poked fun at Macca for being cocky a couple of times, and the ag'ers they profiled were some of the best ones, and they still showed a couple of ones they profiled in previous years like Harriet Andersen

    - I cant believe you lost to the Jets either, they tried to hand you the game

    - Tebow is just a winner, he isnt the most skilled or technically gifted QB, but he knows how to win, you cant teach that

  12. Hope you are feeling better this week!

    I LOVE your Christmas morning plans! AWESOME :D

  13. "On the bright side, I am now at my optimal race weight of 148 lbs"

    There is always a bright side!!!

  14. I like the Christmas morning plan... enjoy!

  15. Sick, yet an animal. Isn't it great to crank out 16 miles after a week of being sick? I am only recalling those days myself since I only get over 12 on race day.

  16. RaceWeight!!! NICE!!! haha

    nice 16.5 effortless run thats awesome you had that in an otherwise difficult week.

    The Christmas run sounds ideal

    get well!


  17. go jets! Ok, but the Giants? can you say CHOKE! ugh!

    welcome to club sickness, how may we heal you?

  18. Hopeyou feel up to 100% soon! Happy birthday Annie! I think your hristmas Day plas sound like a fabulous start!!

    I forgot to DVR Kona, I'm hoping they are replaying...

  19. Oh no! The Steelers lost! That absolutely sucks! Oh yea, I am sorry that you are sick! Heal quickly!

  20. Dude, Tebow has the number 1 selling jersey in the NFL. What's up with that?

  21. I need to find out more about this shitting yourself to race weight, but without the sickness as that doesn't sound life fun.

    Happy B-Day to Annie and my Christmas morning is stocked with a nice run as well......yeah!