Friday, September 10, 2010

Mind Dump Friday ...

-  Usually after a Hurricane blows through the area the temperature drops and it becomes very comfortable.  Well, not this time.  The forecast for the next 10 days is:  Hi -95; Low - 75; Humidity - Ridiculous.  Please make it go away.  I have reached my tipping point (write that down Malcolm Gladwell) and can no longer take the heat. (Yes, I would gladly get out of the kitchen right now)

- Does anyone else find this 2011 Felt B14 extremely sexy?:

 Felt B14

- This has been a poor training week for me so far.  For some reason my motivation has been in the crapper and my intensity has been lacking. Luckily it is a recovery week and it might be my bodies way of saying it needs a break, but mostly I believe it is mental. Today that changes as I am about ready to do intervals on the bike and am going to BRING IT!

- Dear Nevada:  Over the years I have been a big contributor to your economy (SEE: Las Vegas) and would like to continue these contributions indefinitely.  However, if your citizens vote for the continuation of the train wreck Senatorial career that is Harry Reid I will be officially denouncing you as my favorite domestic  "vacation" destination. We will forever be done. You are on notice - that is all.

- Does anyone else find this 2011 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 extremely sexy?:

Trek Speed Concept 7.0

- Good times in the world of Fantasy Sports right now!  I have Pierre Thomas as one of my RB's on my Fantasy Football Team and he had a decent game last night and my Fantasy Baseball team is a finalist in the  Championship round and has a commanding lead.  The finals are conducted over two weeks so I'll know the results next Sunday AND if I win then one of the bikes above might become a reality! (Really I do not have a gambling problem, really).

- I am so excited for this Sunday because of the return of the NFL that I can barely contain myself.  The morning is going to be a nice little 10mile run, followed by 2000 easy yards in the pool, then an entire day of ass-in-front-of-the-TV watching games!  My favorite time of the year!

- Joel @ Tri Madness has an excellent interview with Ironman Stud Craig "Crowie" Alexander up on his site. Joel has been running a series of interviews with endurance sports folks over the last few weeks and this one is quite the scoop.  Nice work Joel!

-  Finally, Yes I did make the switch from a Blackberry to an iPhone.  My initial thoughts are that the iPhone has tremendous time wasting potential.  I came to this conclusion as I was sitting on the couch last night playing a game called African Safari, which was a free game I got from the App Store.  However, I do not view this as a negative but rather a challenge and will continue to download every mindless app I can locate.  The iPhone is awesome but the touch screen text messaging is not as user friendly as the Blackberry.  Surely over time I will adjust to the iPhone touch screen but I fear that it will never be as efficient as the Blackberry.  I am okay with this because  where else can you shot a Zebra while waiting for you wife to try on shoes?

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  1. Oh yea, I love both bikes and will be extremely jealous if get one!

    Sorry about the heat and humidity! I know that it sucks! My motivation has been lacking this week but mostly in the nutrition department. I will start anew next week. Because football season has started and I need at least one day of wings and beer before I get serious!

    I don't like touch pad texting either but I am getting better!

    Have a great weekend and know that I will be right there with you in front of the tv watching football! Let the games begin!!!

  2. Someone wants a new bikey doesn't he.

    Man you are the fifth person I have heard that is having a crappy week man.

    Keep your head up and push through.

    Your recovery week is still harder than my hard week ;)

  3. Ummm yep - shoe shopping with your wife sounds sexy.

    Maybe you should download the "B grade Sci-Fi movie app"? Just a thought.

  4. I like the Felt.

    I am a mess with that touchscreen--all misspellings and that is like fingernails on a chalkboard for a writer/editor!

    Listen to you body (how cliche is that?)

  5. I find both bikes extremely sexy, but if I do more than look... by bitch (her name is P2) becomes real aggravated with me.

  6. - its 70 here now, I am in a hoody, little chilly, had to wear arm warmers on my ride last night.

    - I like the felt, I do not like Treks, over priced

    - huh?

    - I want a Droid phone, though blackberry did just release a droid like phone, do you have internet on this one?

  7. Watch this video. I LOVE this guy.

    ...and yes, all Felt bikes are super sexy.

  8. Incredible looking rides!!
    I have the same thing going on...IF I can hang on to my lead in our Fantasy Golf league this week and next I win. But I have a slim slim lead....and already have the money spent in my mind for some new wheels - haha

    have a great training weekend!!

  9. Those bikes are both sexy!
    I actually am not a huge football fan. I'll watch the games if someone else wants to watch them, but it's just not a sport I care too much about. Luckily for me, my husband isn't into football that much either!
    My motivation has been kind of blah this week too...Hopefully it will improve next week b/c I have an 18miler to run!

  10. Both beautiful bikes, both on the stealth side for tribikes, interesting. We are well into fall and the gloves may be coming out soon for morning runs. Of course we'll have a brutal Indian Summer any day now.

  11. Nice bikes! The problem with tri bikes is that they ARE INDEED SEXY. Sexier than road bikes. Which makes my dilemma a road bike, which is what I need and would be most appropriate for my circumstances. OR, buy a tri bike because they look SO GOOD and I would FEEL SO GOOD riding one. Aack!

  12. Kovas - the closer the bike looks to the batmobile the better!

  13. I guess you really can't keep both a BB and iPhone. Can't live without my BB for work - iPhone is for pleasure.

    iPhone is still very very focused on innocence time-loss while the BB is focused on traditional messaging efficiency.

  14. hhhhmmmm,is someone in the market for a new bike??

    The other night my husband came home with tickets to the Bills/Cleveland game in December...I finally get to go to an actual game!

  15. Maybe it just pictures of different frame sizes but look how compact the Treks top tube/seat tube/down tube geometry is compared to the Felt.

  16. That B14 is one sexy machine! Me wants it precious!

  17. Hi Jeff,
    I love both of those bikes! I am pretty sure that they are both way out of my price range:)

    I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

  18. I am bias since I have a 2010 felt b14 so I love it!!!

  19. another vote for the felt! The paint scheme is really bada$$