Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who is that Puggy in the Window?

No, that puggy is not for sale!

Last week when I changed the header pic (Look Up) a lot of comments were left about how the pug got grease on it's side and many more comments about how cute this pug is.  I figure this a good time to introduce one of my dogs - This is Ernie:

Ernie is my 9.5 year old, 27 pound, fawn pug.  Ernie used to be a 32 pound pug so just like most of us he has changed his lifestyle and slimmed down.  He answers to the name Ernie, Big Ern, Buddy, Asshole, and Treat.  Big Ern is also my Trainer partner.  Not Training partner, but Trainer partner, as in - Indoor Bike Trainer.  He likes to lay on the ground next to the bike as I am sweating away on the trainer.  I'd like to think he does this to motivate me but the truth is that one day I dropped a GU Chomp and he devoured it.  So he is hopeful that one day that magic will happen again.

Ernie is just an overall awesome dog.  He gets into his share of trouble like stealing entire chicken wings and then having to poop out the bones.  Or knocking over the garbage can in the pantry and spreading trash throughout the house.  Even when he does things like this my wife and I find ourselves laughing about it later.

So how did Ernie get the chain grease on his side?  Well, actually I have no idea.  My wife noticed it first and snapped the picture above.  Ernie is a very mischievous little bugger so my guess is he was trying to knock my bike over and the grease mark was the reward for his efforts.

Or maybe he just wanted to look like a Triathlete?

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  1. HAHAHA too funny. Cute lil bugger.

    Funny how they never understand how the "magic food drop" occurs but they always know WHERE it occurs.

    Great post :) Gotta love the furry friends too!

    Our male dog, Frank, his nickname is Monster. It is self explanatory.

  2. HaHa!! My dog Deuce loves to lay by the trainer..... and nap... I think he is rubbing it in my face as I'm pedaling away.

    Dogs are the best aren't they???

    Deuce loves the trash too.... and lately he's been carb-loading. He's eaten two entire loafs of bread and an entire package of hamburger buns. lie.

    I feel your pain :)

  3. Love it! I had a dog growing up (beagle/basset mix). He was the best. Despite his short stubby basset hound legs, he accompanied my dad on runs (even up to 8 miles).

    Hopefully my wife and I can eventually agree on a dog so that I can have some company on the trainer. Now I know to bride the dog with a Gu chomp if he doesn't want to stay.

  4. Such a dog's life! The assistant vacuum cleaner and backup dishwasher.

  5. I am in love with Ernie. What a cutie! I love pugs.

    That is the second fawn pug named Ernie I have "met". My Bailey met the other Ernie pug who wanted to kick Baileys butt (he was full of attitude), so Bailey sat on him.

    I love that he gets into trouble like that. Awesome. Too funny about him changing his lifestyle & losing weight. ha ha.

    NOW let's meet your Bailey!!

  6. Hmmm cleaning your cog and your hands are full of grease, you either use the "towels" you know the ones that look pretty, but if you touch, heaven forbid even look at them, the wife gives you the whooping of a lifetime or a dog to wipe your hands clean, I would use the dog too, you can admit it.

  7. YAY Ernie. I'm not [big] a dog lover but that face. OMG. Love Ernie.

  8. Ernie might be okay for a sprint, but pugs can't breathe that well, so no longer races.

  9. Do you call him Treat when you REALLY need his attention? I've done that when my little black pug gets loose.

  10. Ernie is da bomb! He is adorable, grease or no grease.

  11. Cute dog for sure, but watch the touchy-feely stuff. You are one of my hard guy heroes. is available if you want to take it.

  12. Total cute little bugger, just wanted to be part of the TriLife mixing it up a little with your ride!

  13. You ever hear that saying that people look like their dogs?? Hmmmm... Did you know I had a Xoloitzcuintle once??

  14. Aww...Ernie is sooo cute!
    I was cracking up about the "trainer" partner and how he ate a gu chomp and has sense been waiting for one to fall again...ha ha!

  15. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence, both my dogs go by Treat, as well! I have to say I do not like little dogs (must be over 50 pounds) but there is something about pugs I kinda like! Ernie is a cutie!

  16. the first time i sw that picture I thought to myself..wonder if he is like me and has no idea how he got the grease imprint. I have one 4 days a week and no idea how it got there.

    Cute little guy.

  17. Awww, too cute... sounds a bit like my two dogs!!

    My puppies are my literal training partners. Both are large dogs, and love to run!!
    I have a 4 year old Australian Keplie/German Shepherd cross, and a 13 month old White Shepherd/Husky.
    And damn, they are fast!! They are teaching me to run.

    They should be called ebony and ivory, the four year old is black as night except for her chest. The 13 mo old is white as snow.
    He's the one that ends up SO filthy a muddy... and the other one you just can't tell!!

    I love the pic of your pug, because it reminds me of something my puppies would do!!
    (And then swear it wasn't them, of course :P)

  18. Super cute! I love the picture of him under the blanket:)

  19. Poops out bones? Lovely!

    Are you sure he's not pooping out his own bones? I mean... he's lost five pounds. If he looks like he is missing a rib one day, I suggest weighing him again.

  20. he ate a Gu Chomp! that is hilarious :)