Wednesday, May 18, 2011

IMTX Goals

Many, many people have asked what my expected finish time for Ironman Texas will be.  I have had a hard time answering this because I just do not know?

Why am I so unsure?  

The Weather.

If it is a typical hot (90+ degrees) and humid (80%) South East Texas day then my day is going to be longer.  If the winds continue to blow out of the SSE like they have been all year then it is going to make for an even longer day.

If the winds are about 15mph sustained from the SSE these means the last 50 or so miles of the bike course will be into a direct headwind.  I have rode into this headwind many a times during the last year of training and it is pretty soul-crushing.  

But if the winds are out of the North or NW this means the humidity will be lower and the ride home will have the wind at our backs.  This is what every racer on Saturday is praying for!

Taking all the above into consideration and the fact that this is a first year race and you can see how I really am not sure of what my finishing time will be?

Instead of a finishing goal time I will post a Finishing Goal RANGE:

Lake Woodlands - It is a mass start in a pretty narrow lake with one loop that finishes swimming down a canal which will be lined with spectators.  I expect contact throughout the entire 2.4mi and figure it may slow me a little.   It is probably going to be one of the best Ironman swim venues for spectators.  The water temperature will be above the legal limit for wetsuits so I will instead be wearing my TYR Torque Swimskin with my Team Trakkers Kit underneath.  The lack of wetsuits will also slow the field some as well.

My 70.3 swims have ranged in the 35-37 minute range and my swim fitness is a little above average right now.

Projected Swim Finish:  1hr 20m.

The course begins in the Woodlands and heads north through the rolling hills of Montgomery and Grimes Counties.  The harder sections of the course begins once you cross over 105 and start North through the State Forest.  This part is challenging but shielded from the wind.  Once you get out of the woods you will past a little town called Richards and then make a left turn and start the ride back to the Woodlands.  This section of the course is chip sealed (bumpy) and puts you directly into the winds from the South.  You will remain in this headwind until a few mies from the finish.  

If the winds are less then 10mph or from the North or NW then my bike split will be around 6hrs.  If the winds are out of the South then my bike split will be 6.5hrs.

Projected Bike Split:  6-6.5hrs.

The marathon is a 3-loop course around the more plush areas of the Woodlands.  We will run along the canals lined with restaurants and bars and then past some multi-million dollar mansions.  Spectators will have an abundance of areas to view the run from and also a plethora of eating and drinking options.  Makes me wish I was a spectator for this because they are going to have a blast!

My goal for the marathon is to go as hard as my legs and heart will allow.  If the legs aren't cooked from the headwinds on the bike I'd like to do it in 4hrs.  If it is hot & humid and I am really hurting the I'd be cool with 5hrs.

Projected Run Split:  4-5hrs.

Swim - 1h 20m
T1 - 10m
Bike - 6h - 6.5h
T2 - 10m
Run - 4h - 5h

Finishing Goal Range:  11h 40m  - 13h 10m

Probably will fall someplace between this range!

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  1. Great Run down Jeff! Way to put in a goal and a "just in case" time.

    Fingers crossed you get that NW wind!

    Good luck this weekend if you don't put up one last post.

  2. All of those sound very realistic! Just race your race and have fun. You are going to do great! :)

  3. Have a great time! Sending wishes the hot & humid wind is replaced with some cool breezes!

  4. Realistic goals Jeff. You seem to have an excellent attitude about this race! You are going to do great! Cheers!

  5. So excited for you! I hope you have a kick a** day!! Good luck!

  6. Smart approach - take what the day gives you. Hope I'm smart enough to do the same : )

  7. That is the craziest swim course I have ever seen! It looks very unique.

    Great job with the realistic goals. Let's hope the weather cooperates now.

  8. the swim course does look cool... not ofen that you actualy swim somewhere... I take it that the bike is flat. Good luck and don't forget to have fun out there.

  9. Goals all look very well thought out - not that I'd expect anything else. Swim course looks cool. They should hire you to do the marketing materials for this - just reading your post made me want to come out and watch. Good luck sir!

  10. now that is one swim course i dont think i could get lost on! great goals jeff - you will kick butt.

  11. Good luck! It sounds like you're prepared and ready to conquer this course. Heck, reading your description half tempted me to travel down there and be a spectator.

  12. These all sound realistic. I know you have a top secret, no one knows, execpt your mind goal. Be interesting to see how close you get to it.

    At least your Trakkers top is white, that will help ALOT.

    I cant wait to watch it online.

  13. I second what Colleen said!!! Have a great time out there and ENJOY all the energy from the spectators!!! Can't wait to track you guys! You know this course and that will help you out a ton! Good luck!!!

  14. You are going to rock this Jeff.

    I cannot wait to follow you throughout the day.

    EVery time I see/remember how long an IM is ---- I am in complete freaking awe.


  15. YOu are going to rock it out there on Saturday!

    Can't wait to follow you!

  16. Wow, those are some really rough projected conditions. I just hope there aren't a lot of medical emergencies out on the course from people getting overheated and dehydrated.

    Your plan sounds good, good luck!

  17. So freaking excited!! I'll see you down there! :)

  18. good luck! will be cheering from you in NOLA and hope to signup for next year :) go go go!

  19. Yaayy I'm excited for you!!

    I agree with above commenters, you are going to rock it!!

  20. Sounds like a great plan. Best of luck to you.

  21. Good luck this weekend, go get them Jeff. I will be stalking you.

  22. Solid race Plan. You are incredible.

  23. love this post
    great goals and great frame of mind

    GL this weekend!

  24. Be tracking you this weekend teammie! Hope you have an awesome race!!!! GO GO GO!!!

  25. this is getting so exciting! Good luck and we are wishing for tail winds and low temps :) Enjoy the race and do not worry about times too much...your first ironman! Just let us all know how it feels when you are crossing and hear "You are an ironman!"

  26. Good Luck Jeff!!!!! I'm excited for you : )