Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rumbling, Bumbling, Stumbling

  • Nine Days out from IM Texas and all is well even though I quoted Chris Berman in the header, which is probably cool according to the ladies:
  • Taper is going awesome.  All this free time is pretty darn cool.  If anyone wants to play Words With Friends my user name is: Jirvin94
  • I stopped to pick up some PowerBar Perform at a GNC in the Woodlands Mall today and ended up spending a half hour playing with puppies in a pet store.  Puppies are awesome!
  • More Good News on the Rev3 front.  In August of 2012 Rev3 will be hosting  a Half Rev and Olympic distance race at the Dells in Wisconsin.  Finally a reason for me to grab the passport and leave the great country of Texas!  Might just have to be the location for the 2012 Endurance Blogger meet-up???
  • A HUGE Good luck to all of my Trakkers Teammates racing Rev3 Knoxville this weekend!  Very jealous I am not there!
  • I sold the Felt B14 yesterday.  The buyer was a young guy and this was his first Tri Bike.  The Zebra fit him perfectly!  And I was happy to send the Zebra off to what is going to be a good new home. Ride her well Danny!
Tip a 40oz in memory of the Zebra!
  • Now I have "Walk-Around-Cash" for Ironman Texas week - I am coming for you Ironman Branded Fragrance: 
Smells just like your laundry room
  • Did a 2hr run on Monday when it was 95 degrees.  It was pretty tough but I am feeling much better in the heat now.  It is probably going to slow me down some but I am not fearful of it.  Anyway, after the run I showered and jumped in the car and went right to the barber shop.  Head shaved!  It felt like I lost 5 pounds (the scale disagrees with this feeling).  Sorry no pics of a bald(ing) Jeff right now.  Soon.
  • All the little nagging pains (hip, knee, shoulder, achilles) have all pretty much disappeared over the last couple of days of taper?  AND my legs feel wonderful.  I am a little afraid this feeling is coming too early and I will be sluggish on race day.  Probably going to up the intensity on a few workouts through this weekend just to wear myself down some.
  • Found out we get to do a practice swim in Lake Woodlands the day before the race.  This lake is quite murky (aka: loaded with duck shit and mud) and it will be good to experience it before the big day.
  • TRACK-A-JEFF:  My race number is #1320.  You can follow on using this number or my last name.  OR you can track me real time using:  A day before the race I will put up a link that gives you a map and it will show you where I am on the course at all times.  Also, Annie will have my iPad so she will be doing live Twitter updates on my account:  @jeffirvin
That is all I got for today.  Will be back in a couple of days with my IM Nutrition Plan and then my time goals for the race.

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  1. I am so excited to follow you through this!!!

  2. I am so excited for you! Almost as if i were doing it. Glad to see someone truly embracing the taper. I need to work on that. Looking forward to following you on raceday and the twitter updates will be great.

  3. I know it's awfully self-important of me... but I can't help but feel like that "(ing)" was for my benefit. Or maybe it was for Patrick's?

    Swimming in shit... good times. I am so jealous ;-)

    I'll bet it felt good to find a good home for your bike. And I'll bet you still think of it that way... as "your" bike :) I would.

    Hope the taper continues to treat you well... and wishing you the best with the upcoming race!

  4. You are so ready for your IM. You are powerful and unstoppable. If Chris Berman was announcing the Texas IM he would say, "Here comes Jeff I'm not from Irvin(g) Texas".

  5. It's gonna be awesome! I'm glad all the pains are gone. Way to embrace the baldness! Puppies rock!

  6. Get it done hombre. And f yeah to puppies.

  7. You sound primed and ready to go! I'm really excited for seems like you have been prepping for this forever.

  8. It is sooo close! I am sooo excited for you! You are sooo ready and are going to do awesome!!
    (don't you like all my sooos??) ha ha!

  9. Sniff, sniff. I'll miss the Zebra. Glad he went to a good home. Maybe you can visit him once a month or at least at races.

    If your passport is approved, I'll definitely meet up in at Rev3 in WI.

    MMMMMmmmm duck shit and mud. I can't believe I didn't sign up for this race.

  10. You are going to kill this race! Just make sure you enjoy every part of it too! 9 days...seriously...9 the time went quick, I can hear it now... "You are a Ironman"

  11. I can't believe you didn't bring home a puppy!

  12. Good to be in taper with everything as it should be. I've got 16 days to Comrades and my taper has started as well. Stay healthy, you are ready to go!

  13. 1320?
    I'm 2603, and since they do go in progression of age when handing out race numbers, that means there are nearly 1300 younger than me before we get to you...So, the way I figure it (calculating is my expertise) you going to spot me twice your finish time for a beer bet?

    OK.. OK how about 2 hours?

  14. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to see the post-barber pics!

    I am also excited about the Wisconsin Dells race. I might put it on my calendar.

    Have a great taper week!

  15. it sounds like you are peaking on schedule... always wanted to do a Rev3 race...

  16. haha hilarious post man. I can tell you have free time on your hands because you are scatter brained again ;)

    Well you paid your dues man, time to capitalize off of them !!!

    Way to get rid of Zebra, shocked Annie didn't try and negotiate her first TRI bike from the $$$ ?

  17. Track-a-Jeff - that's funny! :)

    I can tell you are int taper. You started a thought about Perform and ended with puppies are awesome! Classic taper brain!

  18. Hey Jeff, I will be stalking you!! SO exciting you have your Race # and everything! Can't wait to see your nutrition plan.

  19. And for commenting attempt #1,032....

    Ironman fragrance? Do they have no shame?

    Glad the taper is going well. DO NOT SELF DOUBT YOURSELF! You have GOT this!

    I'll try my best to follow you on race day. I will need to run 19 miles myself that day. Hhhhhmmmmmm, can i follow twitter, and run all at the same time?

    There should be plenty of time for me to follow you. I will be out there for a fraction of the time you will be doing that day.

    "Keep it together man!"

  20. Great news the taper is going well! totally not happening too soon, will only get better...also great news all the nags are ironed out and you are ready to go. That Felt is totally aweomse I am jealous of Danny


  21. I had other comments to make but I got caught up on the 2 hours running in 95 degrees. ::faints::

  22. "taper is going awesome"

    Freaking. Made. Me. Smile.

  23. Rebuild this week and leave on the course!

  24. Good luck man! I'll be sending good race vibes your way next weekend.