Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brooks ID Sponsor

I received and email yesterday from Brooks welcoming me as a sponsor to the Brooks ID family.  This is very exciting because I love my Brooks running shoes and Brooks gear and this will mean many more Product Reviews for the blog.  More importantly they are a wonderful company that goes above and beyond to promote living an active lifestyle and I will be proud to represent Brooks.

In honor of this recent event here is a funny video from Brooks that I pirated from fellow blogger buddy Big Daddy Diesel - enjoy:

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Welcome to the family!!! I still have not received my Brooks ID racing singlet... :( But I have all sorts of brooks apparel so it will be pretty dang obvious that I like them haha!

  2. CONGRATS!!!

    Sent you an email with a couple of hints and tips

    Here is the website with the videos by these guys

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Woo hoo!! Congrats on being chosen to represent Brooks! That is awesome news:) I love the ice cream truck video...I saw it for the first time on Big Daddy Diesel's post but I watched it again!! I love it:)

  4. Maybe I need to switch from KSwiss.... Free stuff??

  5. Oops! That was me above. I got the "Boo" out and hit the enter button by mistake.

  6. Forogt to mention "Congrats to you" in the email! We be teammates now! LOL