Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Wetsuit, a Brick, and a Fatty

So much for that Recovery Week I had scheduled.  I was scheduled to do a 30 minute RPE 2-3 bike ride for today's workout.  I got home from work and jumped on the trainer and started watching The Biggest Loser on DVR.  Next thing you know I am one hour and fifteen minutes into my ride.  And it was a hard ride too.  Big ring, high cadence.  Then for some reason I tell myself that it would be fun to do a brick.  Then for some reason I tell myself it would be even more fun to see how hard I can run for 2 miles.  Do some speedwork I tell myself.

After the bike I toss on some running shorts and my Brooks kicks and pretty much sprint from the front door.  The first mile was done in 6:08.  My heart was a pumping so I slowly jogged for 2 minutes and then sprinted mile # 2 home.  This was done in 6:38!  Now I am wondering if I can do a sub-6:00 mile?  BTW - this hurt.

Some other cool news - My Wetsuit came today!!!  It was quite and effort to get this sucker on but it fits great.  It is a Xterra Vortex 3 Full Suit and here it is:

 I feel like a superhero in my wetsuit!

Yesterday Annie was going through some old photos she had saved on her computer and came across a bunch of me when I was a huge fatass. This blog used to be primarily about my P90X workouts and I realize many of my new Tri Blogger buddies probably have never seen me as a fatso.  Here is one from about 3 years ago when I weighed about 200lbs:

Here is from Day 1 of P90X, check out the spare tire! This was about 18 months ago and I weighed 190lbs:

Compare the above to this pic from 2 weeks ago,  looks like a different person - weighing in at 148lbs:

Public humiliation is always fun!  Always motivates me to work hard when I see pictures from a few years ago.  You should see the ones of Annie -- she'll never let me post those online!

I am thinking of doing a Dualthlon on Saturday morning: 2 mile run - 12 mile bike - 2 mile run.  It is with the new Tri club I just joined.  I have to be in Katy for an implant surgery at 1pm and the race starts at 8am - pretty sure I can do both!

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  1. Dude, you are driven! Over an hour on the trainer is enough to bore me to tears. Big ring, high cadence. Very cool. The run, or shall I say, your sprint was impressive. Nice brick, man!

    Hey, if that suit was red you would look like Mr. Incredible with that pose.

    I like the transformation photos!

  2. Jeff:

    You are an inspiration and help me keep motivated, even though we're on two separate tracks. The one common denominator is our fitness and health. You're always pushing and that's an encouragement to me.

    Slapping those "before" pictures on the web takes some serious rocks dude! But...if someone sees those and is inspired by them to get in shape, I can't think of a better set of pictures to use.

    Have fun with that duathlon!

  3. Jeff nice speed work! Good splits especially after pushing on the trainer. Make sure you wipe the sweat off after the duathlon before the implant surgery haha!

  4. New supehero suit!!! I need one this year.

    Have you heard back from Brooks ID yet?

  5. Hi Jeff,
    I want your flipping times for my miles!! Wow, 6:08!!! You are right, those do hurt:) Nice you feel all official now? I would totally do a dualthlon..I just need a bike:) Great before and after pictures!! You look great:) Have a great weekend!!

  6. Boomer and Steve - Thanks guys - u two push me like you don't even know!

    Matt - heck I might just show up at the docs office in my tri suit!

    Diesel- I have not heard back from them yet? It has been about 3.5 weeks since I submitted the form?

    Julie - that is about as fast as I can go! If I had to do a 3rd mile it would have been at about a 15 minute pace!

  7. wow Jeff! what an awesome transformation...congrats! you are freakin lean! and you are starting to scare me running those crazy fast miles: )

  8. Jeff - just found your blog. It totally rocks.

    Amazing transformation from the 190lb guy to where you're at today.

    I haven't run a 6 minute mile years (at least). I'd be totally stoked with consistent 8's!

  9. really awesome before and after pictures! Awesome to show all the hard work you have put in and based on my readings the hard work was fun as well. I am in the market for another wetsuit so let me know how that one works out!

  10. Dude- great pics. I should totally send you some from when you and Annie came to our house that summer before we started P90X. Talk about two fatties! Anyway, you look good dude. Keep it up!

  11. KC - thanks, hope u like your new wetsuit too!!

    Joel - welcome and happy training to you!

    Jason - I'll let you know how the Xterra works out. Going to try an OWS next weekend .. KC also got the same suit so check in with her too.

    Mike - we were all a bunch of fatties back then. Except Riggs, he lost all that weight then. Annie says you should feel free to destroy those pics.