Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend of Training Fun!

Saturday - Hi 71 F, Sunny
Sunday - Hi 75 F, Sunny
Lots of fun planned this weekend folks!

Tomorrow morning Annie and her friend Ruth Ann are going to run in the Bayou City Classic 10K.  This will be her first race since the marathon and I think she plans on taking it easy.  No racing for me, I've done 5 already this year and need a little rest. So I am going to be the chauffeur, cheerleader, and photographer for the ladies, along with my oldest pug Ernie:

Ernie is very excited to watch the runners tomorrow!

After we get back from the race I am going to load the bike up and go to Deussen Park for a couple of hours and get in some hard riding.  Already have everything packed and ready to go.  When I get back from the ride I am going to do a nice RPE 2-3 run in the neighborhood for 5-7 miles.

Then on Sunday the new Xterra Wetsuit is going to get it first field test in the open water.  There is a lake on the other side of Houston that is designed for divers to practice.  They also offer Open Water Swims for Triathletes so Sunday morning I am going to this lake.  My training plan calls for a 3 sport brick day.  So after the swim I am going to come home and run for a half hour and then will probably get in an easy spin in the late afternoon. 

Should be a good weekend and I can't wait to get started!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

*****OHHH ... update on today's "yard" dilemma!  So, I decided I was going to be the responsible homeowner.  I went to The Home Depot and found the broken gasket for the sprinklers and as I was repairing the valve the guy who cuts my grass came driving by with his crew. I haven't seen this guy in three months( quite serendipitous)! He speaks zero English and I speak extremely broken Spanish so we did some pointing and hand signals and for $30 he took care of all my lawn work!!!!  The Triathlon Gods were on my side today so as to not disappoint them I was on my bike 5 minutes later!  It sucks riding in my neighborhood because of all the stops and traffic but I was able to get in 24 miles and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I love it when everything works out like that.  

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  1. Good luck to Annie and her friend Ruth Ann!! Jeff have fun being a cheerleader:) Get some good pictures!! BTW: Ernie is pretty cute:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Your dog is soo cute! :)

    I can't believe you can do open water swimming already! I'm so jealous! We can't even touch the water here until May!

    Have fun in the beautiful weather this weekend!

  3. Weather looking up for you! Its going to be a nice day for Annie's run.

    Dude, you are an animal with your doubles and TRIPLES!

  4. Multi day multiple discipline for me too...
    Trim the shrubs, run 4 miles, rest (Day 1).
    Set the clocks forward, ride 80 in hills, rest, run 2 (day 2)
    Finally in the 70s here and that means two things... nicer rides on Sunday and the rain forest starts growing....

  5. I'm jealous of your weather (right now). We have rain, cold, breezy stuff.

    Send your $30 landscaper my way! WOW! My son won't even touch my yard for that! :)

  6. oh yeah, i like those highs for saturday and sunday...mirror image for us here in FLA.