Saturday, June 6, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 49: Swim + Bike Brick + 1 Mi Light Run

I decided to go to the gym and practice doing a Swim to Bike transition all indoors. I set up my locker like I would if it was a towel on the floor. Shoes, socks, hat, shirt, ipod, towel and a water bottle. The only think I will have different at the Tri is some suncreen!

So I did 22 laps in the pool (500 meters) and my time was right at 11:15 seconds. I tried to simulate and actual race and started off rather fast for the first 100 yards or so then slowed down and found my groove. I jumped out of the pool and walked briskly to the locker room. I did the swim in my Tri Shorts so I keep them on but dried off as quick as I could and tossed on my shirt, hat, socks and shoes and made my way out the other door to the stationary bike. I like this bike - it is angled like my road bike and feels very similar. I set the computer on the bike and was off. Total Transition was 2:30 seconds - not bad considering I had to lock up my locker and set the bike computer!

Now the distance of the cycle during my Tri is 13.8 Miles so that is exactly what I did. I must admit I enjoyed going from the pool to the bike. It felt like I just got out of the shower and was all refreshed. It is much better than going from the bike to run! Anyways, I pedaled the 13.8 miles in 46:30 jamming out to my iPod. Being that I have never been much of a gym person I learned today that other people at the gym do not appreciate it when you sing out loud to the songs on your iPod. Heck, I thought I sounded just like Robert Plant when I was belting out "Ramble On" -- the look on the lady's face next to me said other wise!

After I jumped off the bike I was winded but not exhausted. My legs felt all goofy and this is something I need to get used to. Since I was standing right next to a treadmill I jumped on and ran for a mile. I set my pace a 6.7 mph (9 minute mile). It literally took me 3/10ths of a mile until my legs started to not feel like two pieces of concrete. But I need to get used to this sensation so I'll be ready on race day. I thought about doing another 2 miles but I was feeling some fatigue by this point and didn't want to kill myself too much for my bike ride tomorrow (26 miles).

Overall, it was fun to do the swim/bike brick. Since I did it all indoors I probably didn't get the full effects of what it will be like on the 90+ degree race day but at least I know I still had something left!

26 mile cycle tomorrow morning!

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  1. Wow, you had an impressive day! 3 events!!!

    I had to laugh about your "American Idol" debut!

    You swim time is pretty decent.

    Do you plan to use the ipod at your triathlon? At the tri that I am doing tomorrow, they will DQ anyone with a headset.

  2. I had to LOL too! You know that lady has a story to tell now!

  3. Boomer - I wasn't planning on taking my ipod. I figure their will be enough people running around to keep me preoccupied!

    I might take the Garmin - just to get an idea of my pace on the bike and run? What do you think?

  4. Steve,

    It was one of those situations where I just forgot where I was. Her and I were the only two people in that section of the gym.

    She had that overly disgusted look on her face that many a married man has seen one too many times!

    The best part is that I am an awful singer, Simon Cowell would have told me it was "utterly dreadful!"

  5. I wasn't sure about wearing my Garmin so I placed it on my transition towel and decided to make a last second decision after the swim. I was so wasted after getting thrashed and the beach run that I decided not to put it on. Also, my T1 was taking too long. I decided to go by RPE and go commando so I left the Garmin behind. In fact, I didn't even wear a watch. But, that was me... I think it will come down to a personal decision.