Thursday, June 25, 2009

Triathlon Training Days 66-68: Vacation Recap

Sorry I have been away from the blog the last couple of days. I have been enjoying my vacation and spending time with my family! We are beginning our trek from the Outer Banks, NC back to Houston tomorrow morning. We are going to drive the first 13hours to a hotel right outside of Aurburn in AL tomorrow and get a good nights sleep. Then we will log the last 11 or so hours of windshield time and arrive back to Houston on Saturday evening!

Even though I was on vacation I was still able to get in some great cardio workouts. As I mentioned in my last post my younger sister Liz just finished off her first round of P90X and was ready to Bring It over vacation. We ran on Monday (5 Mi), Wednesday (4.3 Mi), Thursday (4.3 Mi), and we will again early tomorrow before my departure. Also, we rented bikes and the community we were staying in had really nice trails. My mother and wife are spinning mavens so we went out on some pretty good rides to get in some extra cardio. I rode on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. All the rides were only between 5-6 miles, but they still burned some calories!

The biggest calorie burners though were the time spent in the ocean fighting the waves - killer workouts! We went to the beach on Monday and Wednesday and the water was extremely rough, but also extremely fun! We didn't intend to "workout" in the waves but my entire family cannot sit still so we all ended up on boogie boards playing in the ocean. A great time but I was exhausted afterwards!

Now the negative part about vacation was my diet. My mother brought homemade cookies - my all-time favorites, chocolate chips and peanut butter - and I tried to resist. I made it two days and just couldn't resist anymore. And it was worth it because the cookies were freaking awesome. I also had two slices of greasy pepperoni pizza today, my father had some on Sunday (and it looked sooo good) and when he said he was going again today I was all in! I also had a few beers the last two nights. But other than a few slip-ups we all ate relatively clean: Whey Smoothies, whole wheat bagels, pasta, and tortillas, chicken and fish. So, overall not the worst but I could have done better. Darn cookies.

Tomorrow is a long ass drive and so is Saturday. Sunday I am going to reset and plan out a strong week of training, but then I am leaving next Friday night for Pamplona Spain for the Running of the Bulls and yes, I promise to posts tons of pictures of my trying not to be gourd.

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  1. Wow, now that sounds like a great family vacation! It is cool that your sister surprised you with P90X!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of Pamplona and the bulls. Will you be running with the bulls too?

    Btw, I thought I gained 7 pounds on my vacation, but I went to a more accurate scale and the scale I used before going on my vacation and I gained 10 pounds. I have got a lot of hard work ahead of me!

    Well, it was great to hear from you. Be safe on your drive!

  2. Jeff:

    I hope you have a safe trip. I'm sure you're looking forward to the 104-degree temps that await your arrival back home!

    Glad you had a great time with the family too!

  3. Thanks guys and Boomer I will be running! Can't fly all that way and not participate. All this cardio training has made me confident that I will be okay sprinting for a few hndred yards!

    I gained about 4 lbs while on vacation! Not that bad considering I lost 4 lbs the week before because of my sore mouth.