Monday, June 22, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 64 & 65: 5 Mile Run

Well, yesterday we finally reached our vacation destination. The house was are staying in is beautiful and it should be a nice relaxing vacation!

On Sunday I couldn't find time to get in a workout. Catching up with the family, driving and unpacking just tired me out. The good news was that when we got to the house my younger sister was already there and she was looking rather buff! She didn't tell because she wanted it to be a surprise but she did an entire round of P90X! And she looks great. She was 131lbs before she started an after the 90 days she is down to 119 lbs and extremely lean. I was very proud of her!

This morning my sister, Annie and I decided to get up early and go for a run. The community we are in is very quite and hardly any traffic was present! My sister and I ended up running for a total of 5 miles. The plan was to run for 4 miles but we got lost. We passed the same house 3 times before we realized it! It was just like in "European Vacation" when Chevy Chase and family were stuck in the circle and Chevy kept saying, "Look kids, Big Ben - Parliament" .... the good news was that we eventually found our way home and got an extra mile in! Also I almost stepped on a dead snake. At the time I didn't realize it was dead and damn near jumped on my sisters back. It was a big sucker! By HR went from 164bpm to 185bpm in a matter of one second! This is now the second time I have encountered a snake while running. The first time was much more scary because it was a water moccasin and it was alive and pissed off! My 5K split was 25:18. A very nice pace for me.

My plans of open water swimming in the Atlantic Ocean came to a crashing halt today. We went down to the beach and the waves were huge. Biggest waves I have ever seen on the east coast! So instead I took a boggy board out and tried to ride the waves. Didn't do too well but got in a heck of a workout trying!

Not really sure what tomorrow's workout is going to be. We rented some bikes so it might be that but I really enjoyed running with a temperate of 68 degrees!

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  1. So what do you think? Do you think running in the cooler weather contributed to your pace? 25:18 is awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if you run your tri in 20. You really had a nice run. 8k is a great distance. I ran 4 miles today and somehow hurt my knees. It still hurts 14 hours later. Old age! I hope it goes away by tomorrow morning.

    Too bad you couldn't get your swim done. Hope you can get an OWS in during your trip.

    Have a nice vacation!

  2. boxcar... thanks, for the advice. I didn't even think about that. Getting good advice is one of the great things about networking with all of you folks.

  3. Great Story Jeff!

    You can get a heck of a work out on the waves...a lot of resistence behind those things.


  4. Boomer - Your cool weather theory is very sound! My times have been very good and the cooler mornings are really helping. It also helps to have my sister who runs at the same pace running with me.

    Ryan- I fought the waves and the waves won!

    Steve - Forget the aleve, Vicodin is the way to go!! My dentists gave me this to deal with my tooth pain until I can get them removed and it is helping all my minor aches and pains! I am beginning to feel like Brett Favre from a few years ago!