Friday, June 5, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 48: 5K Run

Another hot day here in Texas. I waited until 7pm to go for a run and I still was soaking wet afterwards. Instead of just running at a consistent pace I decided to mix it up a little and do some speed training and interval running.

I started out basically sprinting. I ran at a pace --according to my Garmin -- that would have me doing a mile in 6:30. I would do this until my HR got up to the low 180's. Once I hit this high I would slow down to a medium pace and then a brisk walk. Once my HR got down to the 120's I'd start to sprint again. I did this for about 2 miles. It is amazing to me at how quickly I recovered to a resting HR compared to when I first started working out. My last mile I just ran at an 8:00 minute pace and then sprinted home strong. Good day!

I didn't take a rest day this week and really am feeling fresh so I am just going to keep going. Normally I like to do either a brick or a long bike ride on Saturdays, but instead I am going to go swimming. If I am feeling strong I might swim and then jump on the treadmill at the gym and get in a few extra miles. I really want to improve my running so I am going to add in more running. This will probably lead to less riding over the next couple of weeks but that is okay since the riding is going so well. And then on Sunday morning I am going to go on a 25-mile ride on a rural route I found - Click Here


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  1. When I get back from vacation, I need to do sprint intervals and tempo runs in an attempt to improve my pathetic running speed.

    I am not surprised by your recovery... you are FIT!