Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come Here Weekend, Come Here ... Good Boy!

Ahhhh ....

We are so close to the weekend, just one more little Friday to go.

Why am I so pumped for the weekend you ask?  Well, because it is going to be a MASSIVE training weekend and I love that shit!

Okay, actually it has already been a big week but the real volume kicks in on Friday.  As was mentioned in an earlier post this is the largest volume week (#17) of the 20 Week training program.  After this the volume goes down gradually until taper time.  Here is the weekend schedule:

- AM: 2 hours on the bike with 2x8min Intervals and long hills.
- PM: 3200 Yds in the pool with a bunch of intervals.

- AM:  5 hours on the bike (about 85-90 miles).
- PM: 1 hour of running doing lactate intervals - 6x3min with 3 mins active recovery, all at Zone 5 (OUCH)

-  AM: 2h 30m Long Run. This will probably be around 18 miles (8-8:15ish pace).
-  PM: 3400 Yds in the pool.  Moderate paced, recovery.

Time to Get. It. On.

Many of you might remember the few weeks leading up to this training plan I was actively trying to fatten myself up.  The main reason was that I wanted a little layer of fat so I'd have something to burn off once the crazy volume of the training plan kicked in.  I gained about 10 lbs and and was sitting at 164lbs with 14% body fat on June 20th.

Well, I am happy to report that as of this morning my current weight is 148 lbs with 10.5% body fat.  Yes, I am skinny right now.  Our friends are starting to pull my wife to the side and tell her they are concerned about my weight loss.  This is awesome - means I need to only lose about 3-4 more pounds to be at optimal race weight!  I'll get some pics up in the next couple of days so the blogosphere can conduct a comment intervention on me!

Also, in the next few days we are going to play the Critique My Aero Position game.  I'll toss up some pics of me in aero position on the new bike and you all can comment on what the position looks like to you and if adjustments are needed.  No experience in bike fitting is needed, this will make it more fun.

Don't worry, I got my LBS guys to take care of me before the race, but I am experimenting with some more aggressive positions right now and figure I can pull from all the knowledge out there in blog world!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. You and I are on a very similar trajectory. I was 161 about 25 weeks ago. Now I'm 151 and stuffing my face as we type this.
    This weekend I'm planning:
    Sat: 5.5h ride followed by a 1h run.
    Sun: 2.5h run followed by a 1.5h ride.
    Let's check in on Monday to see if we can still walk.

  2. YAY for almost weekends!!

    How'd you come up with you "optimal race weight"?! I'm sure I missed the post where you explained it all. I just make sure my "skiinny jeans" still fit. I'm guessing your way is a bit more technical!? ;)

  3. Dude you are so hardcore now that I'm afraid to leave you a comment about how hardcore you are.

  4. Amazing stuff Jeff! Can't wait for the taper posts. :)

  5. I request blood samples! I think you have been eating some tainted "Spanish" meat lately. ;)

    Get it on this weekend, Jeff! You are not human! haha!

  6. Your seat is too high!!!!

    Oops, sorry I thought I was at Slow Twitch for a second and there is no picture up, getting ahead of myself

    Did The Professor just call you Cantodor????? Ouch!!!

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend and better then a little Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Own it this weekend and while I don't typically like Mondays can't wait to see how the big weekend went.

  8. Chad - Send you an email Sunday night to see if you made it.

    Patrick - And I was wearing the "Free Yourself" T when I typed this too ... very hardcore.

    BDD - Jon may say that now but wait until he sees the 18.2mph avg on the bike --- he'll take his comments back ... lol.

    Jason - Not sure we'll have enough time!

  9. Sounds like you are taking your "pain cave" on the road. Just remember to sprinkle in a little "Happy place" to balance it all out....
    I'm trying to reach your 10% BF, unfortunately for me I will still be 189.

  10. good luck man

    that sched is going to put hair on your chest!

  11. Great post title, made me pine for the weekend as well. Hooray long runs.

  12. YES!
    Great great discipline and race weight. Totally taking a page from your book (blog) and hopefully by the Holidays this year I can get the same concerning comments from family and friends!

    Im excited to see how this HIM goes for you...but also the stand alone half marathon in Jan (asssuming you race it not just run it)

    You're ON IT BRO!


  13. That IS a big training weekend! Good luck with it all!
    I can't believe you've dropped that much weight! That's incredible!

  14. Huge weekend for you! Congrats (I think...) on the weight loss! :)

  15. Wow. That is a huge weekend. Good luck and enjoy!

  16. Holy! HOw tall are you??? That is a lot of weight loss in a short time!! What a weekend coming up, you make it through that one and IM distance should be a breezze! Have a good safe training weekend!

  17. I determine my race weight by looking at best times with least effort. This always happens at my perfect weight. Probably crazy but it works for me. Hard training is always great, enjoy!

  18. Sounds like a fun weekend! Look forward to hearing about how it goes. How does one figure optimal race weight?

  19. Good luck this weekend. I am anxious to see those aero pics. That might be helpful to many!

  20. Hi Jeff,
    Go Jeff!!!! Good luck to you! Tired just reading what is on your plate:)

    Have a great weekend!

  21. wow. I'm tired just reading about all you're going to do this weekend.

    as for the kettlebells, I'm using them with a Jillian Michaels video on my On Demand channel, and some exercises I found in a magazine. I'm so new to it.....but I'll definitely post about using them soon.

  22. Big weekend, go get it!! You are doing amazing, I can't wait to see how your race goes. I know you are going to do awesome.

    Congrats on the weightloss, sounds like your plan worked out just right! People were doing that to John this summer, asking if maybe I had a problem because I was always exercising and I was sure losing some weight...Yeah, I have a problem, I want to be faster! :)

    Keep up the great work.