Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet the New Girl ...

As promised here is the new 2011 Felt B14 (Click Pics to see larger view):

Drive Side
(Yes, this is my lawn and it is fabulous)

Passenger Side

Front View
(Yes, that is a brick Troy Polamalu figure on the porch)


Vision TriMax Crankset - 52/38T

Full DuraAce Comps

Full Carbon Cockpit!

40mm Aluminium Aero Wheelset

With the Red-Headed Stepchild

Here are all the specs in case you were curious:

Frame:Felt Aero TT/Tri UHC Performance MMC Carbon Fiber Frame w/ 3KP Finish. Full Aero Tubeset w/ Front & Rear wheel recesses, Internal Cable Routing, Forged horizontal dropouts
Fork:Felt Aero UHC Performance TT/Tri Carbon Fiber Fork w/ 3KP Weave; 7005 Aluminum 1 Steerer tube, Carbon Fiber Crown, Blades, and Dropouts, 434g
Drivetrain:10 speed Shimano Dura-Ace compatible bar end shifters w/ TRP Aero brake Levers, Dura-Ace braze on Front derailleur,
Dura-Ace Rear derailleur, Vision TriMax Aluminum 2 piece w/ Integrated MegaExo BB, A6061-T6 cold Forged solid Crank Arms, 110mm BCD, 52/38T, Shimano 10 speed chain, 12-25T cassette
Components:SuperLight dual pivot brakes w/ Cartridge brake shoes, Stainless hardware & Teflon bushings, Felt Bayonet 6061 T6 base bar w/ integrated Adjustable Length 7005 Aluminum ƒ Bend Tri-position extensions & Aluminum arm rests w/ gel arm rest pads, Felt SL 6061 Aluminum 3D Forged stem, Felt Aero UHC Advanced Carbon Fiber Standard Offset Bladed Monocoque seatpost, Felt SL Tri/TT saddle w/ Carbon injected base, gel Nose, custom waterproof cover w/ Cr-Mo rails
Wheelset:Felt TTR-3 700c 40mm deep Aluminum w/ CNC machined braking surface, 24H Front/28H Rear w/ Aero Bladed
Finish:Gloss Clear
Sizes:700c x 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm

So there she is - wipe that drool off your keyboard!

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  1. blogger is acting up. this is my third try leaving a comment.
    Oh my! She is a beauty! Great choice and an awesome b-day present...happy b-day tomorrow!

  2. Wow dude, what an improvement over the first "beater" you bought. Nice wheels! Have fun with it...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Oh, she's pretty!! Happy Birthday!

  4. I lurve me some bike porn! Best of luck!

  5. Boing! She's hot.
    Well, that QRoo shall never be ridden again. You selling her?

  6. REDIC!!!!

    HAPPY B(ike) DAY !!!


  7. SO PRETTY!!!! You better tell that wife of yours to watch out....there's a new girl in town!!!


  8. She is unnamed as of right now. A friend on FB, Keri, suggested the Carrot readers should help come up with a name. I like that. Maybe run a name the TT game in a few days and then have everyone vote on it. I am not creative so I need help.

    If anyone knows of anyone looking for a 52cm Quintana Roo Tequilo let me know. The bike is meticulously maintained and lives in the house. Even though she is young she has lived a very plush life so far!

  9. I am overcome with joy right now in looking at your bike. It is amazing what a set of wheels can do to a man.

    Enjoy her.

  10. ssswwweeettt how stoked are you? Very much so I suspect.

  11. Great.
    I just peed my pants.

  12. She is a beaut! Treat her well and she will ride you FAST!

  13. Total hottie. If that red headed stepchild becomes too bothersome feel free to unload her on me...just saying.

  14. i need to start taking advantage of my blog-buddies... kevin (ironman by thirty) is very handy with building things and you are an expert lawn maintainer... hmmmmmm

    oh yeah, hot bike! :)

  15. awesome bike!!! I have the 2010 as you know and I am pissed because your is so much better looking. Colors and some components are much better!!!! Very nice

  16. Wow...that bike is beautiful! How awesome! Yay for you!!!

  17. Congrats! She is a beauty!!

    So glad that the guys at Bicycle World and Fitness were able to hook you up.

    Looking forward to taking our Felts out for a spin some time! :)
    I love mine and hope yours is as good to you!

  18. EMZ is still recovering from her run, don't worry about her, she will be peeing uncontrolably for awhile.

    Dude, as I said on FB, sweet flippin ride. Did you even break the red headed step child in before you disowned her?!

    Enjoy her. As I said before, be gentle and ease into her, never want to break them in too fast ;)

  19. Damn, I'm jealous!! If I didn't have 12 years of college to pay for, I'd be right there with you. Hey.... maybe Arnie will buy me a birthday present..hmmmm

    should be good for a 5 hr IM distance ride... fo shur!

  20. Oooooohhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! As we say in Texas, she's real "Purdy." Happy Birthday! So happy for you!

  21. Jealous! Awesome new ride! =P

  22. Beautiful bike, Jeff! Happy birthday.

  23. Bike ENVYYYY!!! Very nice!!! =)

    new follower here! I dream of doing my first triathlon next year. Will read through your blog for guidance =)

  24. Nice ride! I wanted to see a pic of her lounging on your bed though... Have fun!!

  25. Insanely jealous! I can't wait to hear how she rides.

    And in case my wife asks, I only read your blog for the articles :)

  26. Beautiful bike!!!

    - poor QR!!!

    - I dont think one person even notice you had a lawn, let alone your steelers gnome

  27. This is a more macho bike, so maybe Troy as a name?

  28. Wow, what a sweet ride!!

    Happy birthday!

  29. oh, pretty!! can't wait to see what her name will be ;P

    Happy Birthday!!

  30. Very, very nice. Happy b-day to you!

  31. This is on hot ride. I was just at a shop looking at the B14. I am trying to decide on it or the Trek Speed Concept 7.2

    Congratulations...I bet you are faster on it!

  32. Jeff, you weren't kidding hombre. That is some serious bike porn. You delivered. You should be nicknamed "the postman." No, wait... too Karl Malone. How about... "the OBGYN?" I like it. I like a lot.

    By the way, Chrissie is as sweet smelling as magnolia's in the morning sun. Oh, wait... you are from Texas. She smells better than a T-bone steak grilled medium rare. WAAAAAAAaaaahoooo partner!

    Beer Good. Fire Bad.

    Tridadoffive (a.k.a. Mark)

  33. May you have miles and miles of awesomeness with her:)

    OMG! I am busting out laughing with some of these comments Jeff! Boing!?!:)

    Happy B-day Jeff!

  34. Droool. Who needs specs when a bike looks that good.

  35. Super cool! Enjoy the new baby! Happy belated Birthday!

  36. http://terenzo.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-ironman-world-champs-felt-machine.html

  37. DROOL...


  38. Great looking bike! I ordered one back in September and still waiting for Felt to deliver it. Are you going to cut the aero extensions down to size and clean up the cables? I hope it's worth the wait!