Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 15 Review

Extremely strong week!  The cooler weather has made me feel like a running and biking machine this entire week.  I guess all the training in the soup this summer is finally paying off!

Swim: 4 Workouts - 5h 30m - 10,150 yds
Bike:  4 Workouts - 8h 43m - 162.50 mi
Run:   4 Workouts - 4h 33m - 32.14 mi
Totals: 12 Workouts -  18h 46m 

Long Bike:  84 miles
Long Run:  16 miles

Couple of cool give-aways going on:

First one is over at Big Daddy Diesel's blog he is giving away a plethora of nutritional supplies.

The next one is at Mark's Blog and he is giving away a really cool Lazer Helmet.

Make sure to check them out!

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  2. YAY for cooler temps! CANNOT wait!

    Glad you had a GREAT week!!

  3. The building of an uber Ironman continues...

  4. Another great week of training! Congrats Jeff!

  5. You cease to amaze me Superman!

  6. Nice volume! I'm also loving this cooler weather.

  7. Those are some amazing numbers! Way to go!l

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I think it is you who are the rock star! Impressive training as always:)

    I just read your little bleep on Big Daddy's blog about your worst tri moment:) I laughed my ass off! That was good humor:)

  9. Jeff, if you keep training like this, you're going to DESTROY that half IM!

  10. I'm new to your blog. Where do you a pool or in a lake?

  11. ri-frickin-diculous.

    That's all I got.

    You can do an ironman now. Haha.

    Hang in there and keep up the good work man, keep getting these workouts in!!!

  12. Cannon - the vast majority of my swimming is at the LifeTime Fitness indoors. 2x a week is Masters and that is usually between 3000-3500yds and are intervals based. Then 2x a week on my own. These are usually in the 2000-2400yd range and are more drills and longer sets.

  13. You are committed! Keep up the great training.

  14. Whats left on your race schedule? Thats some massive miles, nice work

  15. Wow. AWESOME!! Happy Birthday to you!!

  16. Thanks for the reply. That's a lot of yardage each week in the pool. I'm thinking of joining a Master's team but I'm not there yet. I do about half of what you do--1,500 yards times 5 days a week.