Friday, October 8, 2010

The Maiden Voyage, Race Plans, Training Plans, and Shout Outs ...

First Ride:

Last night was the first real ride on the new Felt B14.

On the day I got the bike a little put-zing around the neighborhood was done and about an hour on the trainer but it was time to get her out on the open road!

Decided on a local 22mi route.  It is flat but has a few stop signs and intersections so it isn't super fast.

After a couple miles of screwing with the gearing and positioning I dropped down and hammered.  The ride was amazingly smooth and the DuraAce shifters are incredibly precise.  The fit I received is just about perfect because I stayed in aero the vast majority of the ride with zero discomfort.

A couple of changes are going to have to happen.  The aero bar handles need moved in about an inch as I feel like I need to reach too far for shifting.  Next the back ends of the aero bars will need to be cut off and then the cables can be shortened.  I am going to wait until after next weekend's long ride to get these minor changes taken care of just so I am 100% sure of the fitting.

Final tally was 21.89 miles in exactly 1 hour.  That means my average speed was 21.89mph - not bad for the Maiden Voyage. Love this Ride!

Future Race Plans:

#1 - IronStar 70.3 - November 7th, 2010.  This is 29 days away and is what I have been training for over the last 16 weeks - it is my "A" race for 2010.  I've ridden the course a half dozen times and will post up my goals when it gets a little closer.  Yesterday we received and email from the race organizers and they changed the run course from a single-loop 13.1 mile course to a 3-loop one that stays within the grounds of the Resort.  IMO, this is a good thing as the single loop crossed some high vehicle traffic roads and I believe this leads to a safer run for all athletes.  Also, my parents, sister and 3-yr old niece are all flying down from Pittsburgh to watch the race and this means I will get to see them 3 extra times on the run!

#2 - Sugarland Half Marathon - January 16th, 2011.  This is an alternative run to the Houston Marathon.  I did not get into the Houston Marathon because it moved to a lottery system this year.  My wife and her friends are currently training for the Houston Marathon and none of them got in either.  This left us with an option of going to New Orleans or buying a $465 Charity slot for Houston.  Well, figuring NO would be much more expensive with hotels, travel and food the Charity slot was purchased for just Annie.  Leaving me to run in the smaller Sugarland Half - which I like small races better anyway so it worked out well and a Charity received some help!  This race is just going to be used as a long run day during my Ironman training and I will bike the day before.

#3 - Gateway to the Bay Olympic Triathlon - April 3rd, 2011.  This Oly falls exactly 7 weeks before Ironman Texas.  It really does not fit well into my training plans but I did this race last year (the sprint distance) and absolutely loved it.  They take you out on a boat in the Kemah Bay and drop you off in the saltwater 1500 Meters from shore and you swim straight in (assuming a shark doesn't intervene ..hehe).  This is just a very cool race.  Last year was the first year and I am concerned that registration will be lower this year and I figure my slot will help ensure a 3rd year of the race.  The reason registration may be down ...

#4 - Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3  - April 10th, 2011.  On the 9th a sprint race will be held as well.  This is the weekend after Gateway so I will be racing 2 consecutive Sunday's.  This is exactly 6 weeks from Ironman Texas and I figure this is an excellent opportunity to dial in my nutrition and get in a long  workout.  As of now my plan is to not "race" the 70.3 - just use it as a nice long training race.  The course is superflat and superfast so I might have trouble reeling myself in - guess it might depend on how my fitness level on race day is as to how hard I go!

#5 - Ironman Texas - May 21, 2011.  This is the big boy "A" race of the the year!  My first Iron Distance!  It is also the reason why my race schedule is so light over the next 8 months.  Last year at this time and through the winter I was doing a running race every other weekend - from 5k's to 50k's.  This year winter and spring everything else is taking a backseat to training.

Post Ironman and remainder of 2011 - TBD (Thinking of the Rev3 Cedar Point Half, a 50mi Trail Run someplace in the fall, or maybe trying to BQ.  So many options?)

Training Plans:

Ironman training begins on Monday, December 6th, 2010 - approximately 2 months from now.  After the Nov 7th IronStar HIM I am going to take 4 weeks off to let my body (and mind) recover.  During this 4 weeks I plan on only doing s/b/r around once each per week and doing some P90X workouts to try and find the upper body strength that has recently vanished.  Right now I weight 149lbs (down from 164lbs in June) and this is an excellent race day weight.  The downside of being at goal race weight is I look like Tom Hanks towards the end of the movie Philadelphia.

The IM training plan that I have decided to use is the Matt Fitzgerald - Level 7 - Ironman Training Program.  It is very similar to the Level 10 HIM Program that I have been using and the results from this program have been stellar so I figure stick to what I am comfortable with.  The IM Training will be a 24-week program requiring 4 weekly trainings each of swim, bike, and run for a total of 12 weekly work outs.  The volume begins around 12 hours a week and tops out around 22 hours per week. It has 3 different phases of Base, Build, and Peak all lasting 8 weeks each.   IMO, it is pretty much the same plan I am doing except 4 weeks longer.  Psychologically this should help me going into the IM training since I am fully aware that my body can handle the volume that is required.

Shout Outs:

  • Joel at TriMadness has gone and done it again and posted and excellent interview with ProTriathlete Matty Reed.  CLICK HERE to read the entire interview and let me know what you think about Reed's response on Draft Legal races -- cracked me up!
  • Also, if you haven't already, go check out the new 201Ironman site.  Some good positive energy coming of that site right now.

Have a great weekend and Thanks for Reading,



  1. Busy busy busy boy!

    Glad she rides nice and smooth. Good thinking on waiting for the modifications until you are 100% certain.

    You are very organized! Man I find a race and then a week later I am racing it haha. I need to organize and plan myself out a bit for next year.

    Sounds like you have the plan in action, can't wait to see how you do!!!

    Keep up the good work man!

  2. Glad you had fun on the bike

    BTW, We have decided that you ARE doing Cedar Point, might as well break the news to the wife now.

  3. Glad the new bike is working out!

    I gotta get my 2011 schedule made up. Yours is looking pretty sweet!

  4. Dang on Houston Marathon.
    I wonder if a 12 time finisher wanted to come back and do it.... think they would make us jump through hoops also??

  5. I love the schedule you have planned. Sounds like you are going to have a great year!

  6. ummm YAY for "first rides" ?! ;)
    Keep thinking of the song, "feels like the first time" - I swear one day I'll be cured of my thinking in songs problem.

    THANK YOU for the shout out. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated! [where do I send your wife's new shoes?] ;)

    OH please tell me she got a pair of or 248 pairs of new shoes since you got that ride?

  7. Looks like a nice race plan. That boat to shore leg really sounds like a cool deal.

  8. Glad to hear the bike is a keeper.....terrific birthday gift.

    The race plan looks solid and it was something I am thinking about laying out to send to my coach and make sure it all works.

    Good luck with the training and enjoy reading your posts.

  9. I'm glad to hear the maiden voyage on the new bike went well!

    I can't believe you already have your 2011 races already planned! Wow! I think I need to start nailing my races down too!

    That IM plan sounds intense! I don't think with 2 kids I could handle doing 4 sessions of s/b/r every week! But, like you said, it's almost the same as what you've been doing, so it should be great for you!

  10. Looking like an eventful 2011. Look forward to following your training for your first full-blown Ironman. Sounds like you'll definitely be crushing the bike portion.

  11. I'm impressed that you have so many great reaces on your schedule. After my marathon next weekend and B2B in November, I have nothing planned... :( Probably should get on that!

    Glad to hear the first ride on the new bike went well!

  12. awesome race plan one day I vow to be able to pull the times you do on the bike! Right now I get 12-13 miles in an hour (but there might be a diference somewhere flat).

  13. Dude I cant believe you got from 164 to 149!!! that is freakin awesome.

    And again I have gleaned direction from the Carrot:

    I have been patting myself on the back this year for staying just a shade under 190lbs. I have been lifting weights 6 days a week with my hockey player mentality. Doing chest/tris one day, back/bi's the next....etc.
    Not useful for what I want to do.

    If you can do it I can do it. Starting today (sounds like my old fat guy self "ill start tomorrow") I am cutting weightlifting and substituting in bike / swimming / stairmaster / yoga or other activities. And I am going to zero in on my diet.

    Wow...I just managed to turn your blog post into all about me! haha -thats kinda how I roll
    have great weekend

  14. Glad the bike is a go! Sounds like you know just what to do to dial it in.

    Wow--big race plans in your future! Looking forward to following along.

  15. The bike sounds sweet!! Love your race plans, sounds awesome. I can't wait to follow your journey!! I have my plans pretty well laid out, but haven't registered for anything beyond IMLP yet.

    Not long before your HIM!! Whahooo!

  16. new toys! love 'em. I have to admit, I am glad I do not live in TX. I don't think I could keep racing into the winter and back out the spring in addition to the summer. You are a better man than me..oh yea, I'm just a whimpy girl! ;)

  17. You need to work the Memphis in May Triathlon into your schedule on year!