Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post Tosh, um, Post

Wow, I cannot believe it is already Sunday night this weekend end just flew right by?  My brain is pretty much toast from the last 15 weeks of training so up until the IronStar HIM the entire blog is going to be in bullet points.  I really cannot do more than one thought at a time.

  • Seriously, all this training is making me stupid.  Conversations with people about anything other than training and/or triathlon is very taxing.  Some one even tried to get in a political debate with me the other day and I just didn't have it in me?  
  • We have like 10 smoke detectors in out house and one of them is beeping because of a low battery.  I cannot figure out which one is beeping?  It does one small beep like every 10 minutes and I cannot figure out which one it is?  This is awful.
  • On Tuesday I will be getting my new bike.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.
  • My 35th Birthday is on Wednesday - hence the bike.  It will be celebrated with a morning Brick (on new bike) - 27mi bike followed by a 6mi run.  
  • Our weather has been incredible.  The mornings have been in the hi 50's to lo 60's and the afternoons have been in the low 80's.  BUT the humidity is a thing of the past right now which is why it is so glorious!
  • The IronStar HIM is 33 days away.  The last time I checked the water temperature at Lake Conroe was 90 degrees.  Hopefully it will get down below 78 so the swim will be wetsuit legal.  Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of the swim sans wetsuit, but I'd rather use it to help save some energy for the bike and according to the race reports I have read the swim course is about 200M long.   The bike course for the IronStar is not considered a fast course at all.  It has over 2000ft of climbing and some of the roads are chip sealed. Now the chip seal isn't that bad but it does slow you down some so a few minutes of time saved on the swim because of a wetsuit would be okay with me.

  • We saw Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 do Stand Up comedy last night.  It was pretty damn funny.  He is very different from the Tosh.0 show when he is live. His humor is much more dark and morose than it is on his show.  He is still completely offensive and insults every race, religion, and sexual orientation possible.  Not a single one of his jokes can be posted in this blog with out me changing it to and "adult Content" site.  The eclectic group of people in the crowd was almost as enjoyable as the show.  He has a very diverse following and the fact that they were serving mass quantities of alcohol before and during the show made for quite the entertaining evening!  Some of the people we saw ...
  • Since we didn't get to bed until 2am I decided to move my rest day to Sunday and do my long run on Monday morning. I might change the schedule permanently because it is nice to have the rest day coincide with all the NFL Pre-Game shows.  The weather is supposed to be a crisp 49 degrees at wake-up (4am) and I am supposed to run for 2h 20m -- should be a lot of fun!
  • Week 16 of training is upon me and it is a recovery week!!!  Really looking forward to the reduced volume this week because my right knee has been barking.  It is nothing serious just a little bit of tendinitis. Which is to be expected.  Usually ice heals it up but surely some reduced volume will get it back to being 100% healthy!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading,



  1. I hate when a smoke detector starts beeping! It's so annoying and of course, the beeping usually starts in the middle of the night!
    Yay for your birthday and a new bike this coming week! How exciting!
    The weather here has been awesome too! I hope it stays like this for awhile.

  2. Ask and you shall receive -

    - 90 degree water? That is crazy. Sh*t, 78 degrees is crazy. I like hight 60's low 70's myself.

    - Happy Birthday

    - What is chip seal?

  3. Happy early birthday! Looking forward to seeing the new bike pics! Enjoy your rest week... And actually try to rest!! :)

    Patrick- Chip seal is "Redneck asphalt." It's equivalent to a Walmart brand for roads. Let's just say, we have to double up on bike shorts.

  4. Happy Early Birthday!! OMG, I have never swam in 90 degreee water! Ha ha! Warmest here I think was 70s. Hoping it will cool down for you soon!

  5. If there not hard wired in, take them all down and line up on the floor in a row and wait, and wait, and wait
    For 35, bike 29 + 6. Equals a nice round 35.
    35? I can't even remember that number.

  6. Happy Birthday and Congrats on the new bike!

  7. Hang in there buddy! 30+ days is nothing!

    Get a picture of your new ride as soon as it arrives!

  8. Happy Monday!

    Sorry to hear about the smoke detector...oh so annoying!

    The temps in Dallas have been awesome too... love being able to go out for a run at noon and not Die... plus, like you said, sweating b/c your working out and not sweating because of the heat/humidity is a definite plus!

    Can't wait to see the new bike on Tuesday!!!

  9. Wow, the water is even cooler here! Sounds like you are way busy, hope your rest day was good and make sure to go to bed earlier! Have a great week and keep up the super training!

  10. I wonder when I rent that show on DVD. I love me some Tosh.0. The show in Phoenix sold out quick. Bah!
    Happy birthday, homes.

  11. Congrats on getting the new bike. We need to see pics and let me tell you it is birthday, christmas, halloween and new years rolled into one when you see that picture of beauty all nice and shiny.

    Happy Birthday to you and enjoy the day as much as you can.

  12. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and great first ride on your new bike! Very exciting.

    You forgot to mention that the smoke detectors always pull that crap at 2 a.m. and take a 9volt battery which we never have handy.

    We are going to see Tosh in a couple weeks and I am really looking forward to it!

  13. enjoy this recovery week, sounds like perfect timing so you can celebrate your bday properly!

  14. Ha, I get the training making you stupid, I was right there in August. Ugh, smoke detectors. PIA.

    New bike!! I want the porn!! (um, bike porn)

    Awesome for no humidity. We had a killing frost last night. No shit.

    I hope you get to wear a wetsuit. It is just nice.

    I am jealous of you seeing Tosh

    Enjoy your recovery!

  15. TUESDAY!!!
    I find myself excited that you are getting a new bike? That is either sad or normal not sure

    totally LOL at bullet points and the smoke detector. Picture you trying to find it minutes after the low beep but not figuring it out then giving up then minutes later hearing the beep etc etc
    so great


  16. I haven't seen Tosh live, but did watch a standup DVD of his. Definitely not the same as the show, but funny none the less.

    New bike? Pics or it didn't happen.

    If you are hoping for 78* water, might I suggest going to every gas station in Texas and buying up all the bags of ice?

    Shannon - We have plenty of "redneck asphalt" all the way up here in Michigan. It sucks.