Sunday, May 3, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 14: Cycling - 9 miles

Saturdays are always tough to find time to get in your workouts. I got up early and drove to Katy, TX to help a doctor with a dental implant case. It went extremely well so this outcome made me feel good about working on a Saturday morning. I got home around 1pm and went to pistol range with my neighbor. He got a new glock and wanted some pointers on how to use it so we did that for a couple of hours. The range was more crowded than I have ever seen - Texans are a little fearful/defensive about the current state of affairs in the nations capital! After that I got home and set-up my new Garmin 305 Forerunner!

Man, this thing is NICE! The GPS is surprisingly accurate and the speed and distance calculations are spot on. I programmed it for my bike and then went out and got a 9 mile ride in! Once again it was very windy so I had another difficult time. I am hopeful that on race day there will be no wind and I will be able to fly because I am so used to getting my butt kicked by the wind! I wanted to do another 5 miles but Annie and I had to go downtown for a friends birthday party so I had to call it a day. But according to my Garmin I burned 485 calories!

Computer software comes with the Garmin that tracks routes, distances, pace, pace/mi, avg speeds, elevation changes, HR, Avg HR, ...etc. Pretty much every thing you could ever want for training and tons of more stuff that is just gravy! I just downloaded it all to the computer and it is pretty awesome. I can't wait to get a few more workouts in because this will really help me determine if I am getting stronger and if not what I need to do better. Statistics do not lie when used correctly!

Annie and I were going to get up early today and get a run in but we didn't get to sleep until after 3am last night. We went to a friends Bday dinner and ended up at some Country Bar. We wanted to leave but Annie's friend wanted to stay out so we were stuck. We aren't used to staying out that late anymore - at least we didn't drink so I still feel okay today. We are going to go try and get a run in soon because all that crap weather that hit Dallas yesterday is coming for us this afternoon.

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  1. You gotta love that Garmin. I was just reading a few reviews about 305 vs 405 and they said that runners generally favor the 405, but triathletes generally favor the 305. They said it handles multi-sport a bit better. I don't know, I just like mine.

    Check out the auto-pause feature.

    I am like you about the current state of affairs. My right wing views are not very popular here in "liberal" Hawaii where Obama was raised.

  2. Sorry you got stuck out with me on my birthday, yes I read your blog

  3. Maybe after training you can learn to dance

  4. The Garmin 305 is a nice GPS unit. My wife has one and uses it every time she runs to track distance, calories, name it.