Sunday, May 24, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 36: 7 miles Bike + 1550 Yds Swimming

Got up this morning and had a big old dose of Protein - Whey shake, turkey sausage, and egg whites!

After that I let everything digest and jumped on the bike. It was about 72 degrees and a little overcast outside. Not very humid and no wind at all - the quiet before the storm! So I was on about 6 miles in the the skies opened up on me ....big time! I was a mile away from home and it was pouring. I rode as hard as I could to get home and by the time I did I was soaked. The ride was about 13 miles shorter than I planned. I was going to go later in the day to make it up but we kept getting rain showers so off to the indoor pool.

Now the pool was a good time today. I felt a little sluggish on my first few laps but that quickly subsided and I got into a nice groove. My total ended up being 62 laps or 1550 yards. I wanted to do 60 and once I hit that number the last two were done as fast as I could. I need to start timing myself with the clocks on the wall to get an idea of where I am. My Tri is a 500 meter (546 yds) swim so I am feeling very confident right now. I just need to get faster because right now I am pretty slow with my freestyle stroke. My problem is that when I try to go faster my Total Immersion technique goes to crap. The good news is I still have time to work on it and I should be able to do the swimming portion of the Tri even if I am slow!

Tomorrow is going to be a jog in the morning.

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  1. Jogging is for fat people in velor track suits, image anyone of the Sopranos out "jogging". Athletes go for a run or are runners and participate in running. Don't sell yourself down, call it running, not jogging.

  2. DHR - That is some funny stuff.
    Being the newbie, I have often wondered what is the "PC" term to use? However, I am pretty sure I looked like Silvo today!