Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Triathlon training Day 24: Run + C/S/T

Okay so last night after watching Jack Bauer save the world - again - I read a post over at Boomer's site about how he just did Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. Well, it motivated me to jump up to the home gym and do the same! Man, that is a great workout. Probably my favorite of all the P90X strength training DVDs.

Well, the downside of doing Swimming, ARX, and C/S/T all on one day is that the next day you are a little sore. And this morning was no exception! Still I wanted to see how fast I could do a 5K and pay no attention to my Heart Rate. It was about 84 degrees and humid when I started my run today but that did not deter me. What did deter me was the huge cramp I got in my left calf about 1.5 miles into the run. I was jugging right along and "BOOM" my calf cramped big time. I had to drop down in someones front yard and stretch it out. It was one of those painful calf cramps too! I ended up walking about a mile until it started to feel a little better and then I slowly jogged the last half mile home. Lessons Learned: Hydrate on hot days, Stretch and Stretch some more, and Give myself more than 9 hours of recovery time!

My first mile was done in 7:34 seconds. My heart rate was up to 176 BPM at about the 1.2 mile mark according to the data I downloaded from my Garmin! The funny thing was that I still felt pretty good and wasn't really winded even though I was running fairly fast. Oh well, I will have to try and do a timed run again in a couple of weeks but until then it will be back to the aerobic running. On Saturday I am going to try and do 5 miles!

Tomorrow is supposed to be an off day but I am going to go swimming again. The freestyle "total immersion" stroke is coming along and I want to keep working on it.

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  1. Cramping at the calf... I know that feeling. It must have been massive to bring you down in "Mr Smith's front yard". During yesterday's run I took my hydration belt with one bottle of water and another bottle of PowerAde. I am a bit worried because my right calf intially cramps up on my bricks.

    Dude, you were smoking on that first mile. I am just totally amazed at how fast you can run. You are going to do extremely well for you triathlon.

    Timing the P90X workouts with the triathlon training does get tricky. This morning I did B&B then I swam. I took it easy on the back portion to make sure I could do my swim.

  2. Wow, you guys are packing a lot into one day. Yesterday, I did my HIIT/Core (which is a blaster), then last evening I did "lawnmowers" for 45 minutes....no, the real lawnmower...in my yard.

    I'm amazed that you guys can swim, bike AND do C/S/T in one day. A tip of the cap to both of ya's!

  3. Boomer, The cramp was awful. Have you ever had a cramp in the calf that has made you wake up in the middle of the night? That is exactly what it was like!

    My first mile is usually strong -- now the trick is getting #2 and #3 strong!

  4. Steve, the "lawnmowers" are always fun! Living in South East Texas we have the availability of those willing to be our "lawnmowers" at a very resonable price. So I take advantage of not cutting my own grass and I love every minute of it!