Sunday, May 17, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 27 & 28: Missed Day & Swimming

Sorry I have missed a couple of days posting. I have a laptop that is given to me by my company and it needed to be shipped into corporate for repairs. The screen was cracked and the internal modem was on the fritz. So, I have been without my trusty laptop for the last couple of days. Hopefully I will get it back on Tuesday. And hopefully I end up wtih a brand new computer!!! I have been using Annie's laptop but she is very stingy with it!

On Friday I left for College Station at 6am for work and didn't get home until late in the day. Then we had to go scope out a couple of foreclosed properties we are looking at rehabbing. By the time I got home it was time to go to the restaurant for the dinner plans we had scheduled and before you knew it my day was done.

Saturday was another busy one but I was able to get in 30 laps (750 yards) at the pool. I got to the gym around 7:15pm and they were closing at 8pm so I had to move it along rather quickly! I came home and did Ab Ripper X just so I could get in some core work. Then Annie and I went to see "Wolverine" with some friends. It was just okay. About a 6/10 rating. I am hopeful that the other big movies: Terminator, Star Trek, Transformers, and GI Joe will be better. I love summer blockbusters!

The temperature has been in the 90's here in Houston the last week or so. But last night we had a cold front come through so the temp right now is 73 degrees! It is overcast with a pretty high chance of rain but is supposed to clear in the next couple of hours. I am going to try and do a brick in a different way today. Here is how it is going to work: Start with 5 mile bike ride, hit the Transition area (my garage) and do a 1 mile run. Then do another 5 mile bike ride and 1 mile run and repeat again. I still get in the distance that is required (15 miles riding/3 miles running) but get to practice transitioning and getting my legs used to biking to running. Last time I did a Brick my legs felt so weird trying to run after biking. I have been reading a triathlon book that recommends doing it this way and it will greatly help to acclimate my legs to this. We shall see!

Be back a little later today!

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    cool blog! I am starting P90X next Monday (I just ordered it and am preparing for the hell!) and will be following your blog, and blogging about it myself at I have done some 8Ks and similar distance runs and hope to start doing triathlons as well! Let me know if you have any tips or pointers etc. I'll add you to my blog roll and keep following!

  2. Hey David,
    Good luck with P90X. The only tip I have is follow the nutrition plan a close as you can because it is the most important part of the whole thing!

    I'll post you up on my blogroll.

  3. A couple of my triathlon buddies have also recommended that same brick workout to me. I have about 2 more bricks that I can get done before I do my triathlon. I am not sure if I will be changing up too much at this point. I will have to play it by ear.