Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 39: 1 Mile Swim

Did the 1-mile swim today. That is 71 laps of 25 yards each. That is a lot of swimming.

I am quite tired right now. Especially my upper body. Good news is my legs feel fresh and that is great news for my Tri.

Today I focused on my strokes per each lap and breathing. I would try and take a breath every 3 strokes and get some sort of rhythm going. I am going to have to work on this big time. I'd be moving right a long swimming downhill - 1-2-3-4 ...d'oh .... forgot to breath and then I'd have to take a longer one and screw up my rhythm. Practice will hopefully make perfect. I also was able to average about 16 strokes per lap. Quite an improvement from my 25-26 average on day one!

Also got in an Ab Ripper X session before the swim. I used a medicine ball (5lbs) again on the Mason Twists and it is an incredible burn like that! Wish I would have been doing that since day 1.

Tomorrow is going to be a Back & Bicep day and if I have time I might do some Yoga as well.

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  1. Nice work on stroking a mile! 16 strokes per lap is decent.

    I gotta get medicine ball for my ab workouts. I guess I will look for one after my triathlon.

  2. Dude, is this a coincidence or what? I did Mason twists with a medicine ball for the first time as well today, and I will certainly continue doing that. It's a serious burn and getting to 35 reps was a struggle! I'm still feeling it two hours later!

    I will incorporate more medicine ball moves in my core workouts...and there are tons of them out there! One search on YouTube will do it. It's so much different than holding a 5lb dumbbell too.

  3. Boomer - Thanks man. I did 15 a few times but by the end I was doing 17 and 18 a couple of times too. The good news is my form stayed true most of the swim. Except when I forgot to breath!

  4. Steve - that is crazy - the medicine ball was great. At about rep 30 I didn't think I was going to make it to 40! I felt the burn in my abs the entire time in the pool too. I might try it with more weight - like and 8lb on next time!