Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cross Training Day: 1500 Meter Swim

I was the only swimmer at the new pool today! It was 6pm and the rest of the gym was packed but not the pool. I am officially going to refer to it as "MY" pool from here on out since it appears I am the only one who uses it.

I did 60 laps today rather slowly. I really want to focus on my bilateral breathing and form so that is what I did. I broke the sets down into 4x100-meters and then some faster 4x50-meter ones. Good swim. I am still a slow swimmer but my overall fitness level is getting stronger and stronger. So these 1500M swims that used to just cream me are actually becoming enjoyable.

I am actually considering getting a lesson or two to help me with my technique. The hardest part about swimming is that you can't see yourself while you are doing it so it is difficult to make corrections. I have been kicking this around and will see if I eventually need to scratch this itch!

Tomorrow morning we are doing a 50-minute easy run. Rain is in the forecast so it might be a wet run. The good news is that the temperature is going to be around 68 degrees at 5am, bad news is that the humidity is going to be 90% ... hopefully it will be raining!

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  1. I haven't gone for a swim for a while, but like yourself, I broke it up into segments. I think you have a good plan going. You should be able to improve your strokes. As for getting some instruction, I thought the same too. I was just wondering if I could find an instructor who trained using TI or, at least, front quadrant swimming. We have masters swim instruction at the "Y", but I am not sure what method they use. I just don't want to get a coach that just wants me to pound laps and have me stroking like windmill. Do they have masters swim at "your" pool.

    Humid is humid... even at 68. Yuck.

  2. Jeff,

    I highly recommend a swim lesson. I did two last winter and it has made a world of difference. Two recommendations. 1) Might want to wait till after your next tri. When i took my lesson my coach completely broke down my stroke. It was like learning to walk again. It was brutal at first and frustrating, but eventually the muscle memory takes over after a month or so. Might not want to do it rigth before your tri, but up to you. 2) Might tri (pun intended) and find a more Tri-focused swim instructor, or someone who focuses on distance swimming. They might approach your stroke development differently than a sprint coach would.

  3. Todd - We are on the same page there. i have been looking for someone and am tri'ing to stay in the Tri community. I dont need someone to watch me pound out lap after lap. I can do that myself. I need someone to tweek my TI technique and teach me to be faster ... I can handle the conditioning aspect.