Friday, October 2, 2009

1/2 Marathon Training: 30 Minute Easy Run

So today called for an easy 30 minute run. We woke up a little later than we wanted. Mostly because we had some crazy storms around 3am that woke me up time and time again and I was tired ... Annie slept right through the storms but didn't debate when I hit the snooze a few times!

When Annie and I did finally roll out of bed I looked at the outdoor thermometer and saw it was 65 degrees and got excited to go run! We ended up doing 3.4 miles over 32 minutes. It was a nice easy pace and my legs feel ready to tackle the scheduled 10 mile run tomorrow

I just weighed myself about 20 minutes ago and was a lean 154 lbs with a BF% of 13%. About a month ago when I was alternating P90X weight lifting and cardio and taking supplements my weight was 163 lbs. This running really takes the weight off!

Also I have been keeping my training stats over at and here is my mileage totals for September:

Bike: 4h 28m 51s - 77 Mi
Run: 12h 56m 07s - 79.66 Mi
Swim: 2h 25m - 4616.8 Yd
Strength: 7h 00m

I am pretty happy with my Run totals. This month I am trying to get over 100 miles running. The strength totals are going to go down and this will help add time to my swim and bike. I really enjoy the Training logs!

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run!!!

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  1. Wow Jeff 79.66 miles for the month of september thats amazing. This is awesome. Your next tri will be here soon. But it really looks like you will be well ready. Keep it up. Please keep inspiring me.I did a 2.8 mile jog today and followed up with 130 crunches. One day I hope to compete with your numbers!

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  3. Sounds like you and Annie had a nice little run. These short runs are like a walk in the park for you. Remember when we first decided to do triathlons and 5k was the goal!