Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cross Training Day: 2500 M/100 Laps

Today was another busy day with work. My nutrition was pretty good so by the time I made it to the gym this evening I still had a nice reserve of energy stored up.

After a light stretch - mostly rotator cuff - I jumped in the pool with a goal of 60 laps or 1500M. I started off doing a couple of easy 4x100's using bilateral breathing. My Total Immersion form feels so good when I use the bilateral breathing but for some reason I just don't feel as though I move as fast compared to breathing on my right side every other stroke.

So I decided to time myself on the next two 100's. The first was bilateral. My time was 2:05. The next 100 was using right side only, every other stroke. My time was 1:55. For some reason I am just able to explode more breathing every other stroke. But it wears me out more than bilateral does? Going to continue to do both.

After my little time trials I just did moderate paced laps until I hit 60 total. My quads were feeling a tight so I went and sat in the hot tub for about 10 minutes. After that I was still feeling pretty good so I figured I'd rip off another 20 laps. I was pretty whipped out but for some reason I wanted to see if I could do another 20? The first 10 went okay. The second 10 almost ended me. When I finally finished I sat on the steps of the pool for a good 5 minutes just to regain some composure! Very good workout! 2500M is 1.55 Miles .... a 1/2 Ironman is 1.2 miles ... hmmm?

Tomorrow is a 50 minute run at an easy pace. Going to shoot for around 5.5 miles. On Friday I've decided to do a 5k as fast as I can. No real reason except for Boomer got me thinking about it and I want to see my time!

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  1. My entire body just shuddering at the thought of THAT much swimming. You the man dawg!

  2. Nice swim session! You are improving exponentially. It is amazing to see how far you have come along since we first decided to do sprint triathlons.

    Again, awesome!