Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garage Sale Day

As I mentioned yesterday we had our annual neighborhood garage sale this morning. Over 200 homes participated and it was estimated between 2500-3000 people showed up for the event! It was a freaking circus!

Annie and I stacked all of our junk in the garage last night so we could place it in the drive way in the morning. No sooner than I hit the garage door opener were people in my garage picking through our things. This was at 6am and it was still pitch dark outside! People are crazy. The good news is we sold a ton of our old fat clothes and actually made a few bucks!

We shut it down around 12:30 pm and I had some work stuff that needed to be completed at the sales office. I was then driving back home around 4pm today and proceeded to get a speeding ticket. Just wonderful!

At least I know how to spend the garage sale money. When I got pulled over I was concerned at first because I had a concealed heater strapped to the square of my back. I handed the officer my carry permit and drivers licenses and told him I was carrying. He said he thought it was great and more citizens should protect themselves in this manner. We then had a nice conversation about handguns and I was real hopeful at this point that he would just give me a warning! Well, he did not and I can't blame him because I was speeding. He was just doing his job.

Anyways, as I mentioned yesterday, today was our normally scheduled long run but because of the garage sale and both Annie and I had to work in the afternoon we would be switching it to Sunday. Sunday is normally Annie's off day and I use it to do some biking but once again my biking is getting axed. I really need to get an indoor trainer so I can do this in the dark. Too bad the garage sale money cannot go towards that!

We are going to get up early and pound out the 12 miles on the greenbelt trails of Kingwood! We are tired of running around the neighborhood so we decided to switch it up some.

See y'all tomorrow!

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  1. Is a heater a gun? Why would you be carrying a gun around?

  2. Bummer about the speeding ticket. I like that you took it like a man though. A lot of people like to act like victims. Hey, great story about your "heater".

    Good luck on your 12 mile run! 12 miles is a long way.

  3. You did everything right with your CWP. It could've turned into a felony stop real quick. Had to LOL about your revised plans with your garage sale money!

    I always tell my wife that we never "make" money at garage sales...we really recoup some of our losses.

    Good luck with your run today!

  4. Moo - Probably the same reason that I read books by Ayn Rand and Mark Levin and you read ones by Bill Ayers!

  5. Boomer - yeah it was my fault. I was passing a coal truck. The officer was doing his job. Just finished the run and I feel great! IT was a long way though!

  6. Steve - when I did all the certifications and classes for the concealed carry they explain to us how to let police know you are carrying if you are ever pulled over. And in Texas many of us carry so it is common place for police. Te funny thing is that I drive 40,000 miles a year just don't speed that often!

    Very true about "recouping the losses" ... that is funny but so true!