Monday, October 19, 2009

Rest Day

Well today was just a great day to take a rest! Our weather is absolutely beautiful (not that I was able to take advantage of it but still!) and I think I might be developing a bit of a cold. Not surprising after such a chilly day at the Tri yesterday. I felt it coming on last night and started slamming vitamin C and green tea and am hopeful that it will pass.

Tomorrow I am getting back to the Hal Higdon marathon training program with Annie. I am going to stick with this training until the beginning of December when I will begin training for an Olympic distance Triathlon. Since I did a Tri yesterday I did not do the scheduled 13 mile run. Annie did it herself yesterday afternoon and she had a time of 2:09. That is a 9:57/mile pace. I am proud of her for not only the great time but for doing the run by herself. Next week we will do 14 miles together!

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  1. Dude you and Annie are lucky to have each other. My next girlfriend will totally have to be a runner, hehe.

  2. Man Jeff! your work ethic is very inspiring. Great job on the TRI by the way. I'm sure it feels great having your 2nd Tri under you belt. I had a question, how were you able to put your google calendar on your blog?

  3. Annie is doing absolutely fantastic! Great Job!

  4. Josh and Boomer - Ipassed on your kind words to Annie. She is doing very well at the marathon training!

    Chuck, if you have a google account. Go to the "setting" tab and it will tell how to insert a calendar. You type in some parameters and it gives you some HTML text.