Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cross Training: Cycle Day

My plan was to run 6 miles on the treadmill this evening that is called for on the Hal Higdon Marathon Plan. Then I remembered that I am not training for a marathon and I have a Triathlon on Sunday! I needed to get some time in on my bike!

I have added two new toys to the bike and really wanted to get used to them before Sunday.

Toy #1 - Profile Desigh Aerodrink System:This is placed between my aero bars on the QR. The sucker is 32 ounces and allows me to drink while I am in the bent over aero position. I just filled it up with water tonight but on race day it will house Gatorade. It took me a little time tonight to get used to drinking while in the aero position but I think this is going to be an awesome way to stay hydrated!

Now this little beauty is a wireless speedometer, odometer, tripometer, clock and a bunch of other yet to be learned functions. We'll call it the bike computer. Now I have a Garmin FR 305 that I use for tracking my mileage and it also shows my speed. But with the Garmin on my wrist it is a pain to see the speedometer. The Garmin offers an attachment for the bike but this CatEye is about a 1/3rd the size and looks so much better mounted on my stem! Now this thing is nice. It is very accurate and the read out is very easy to see!

I am going to get another ride in on Friday but so far the new toys are cool!

In learning the new computer I reset the entire device by accident and have no idea how long I rode for? I am guessing it was probably 12-15 miles but it doesn't really matter since I was playing around with the new equipment!

Tomorrow morning is another 3 mile run!

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  1. I love Cat-Eye computers. The one I used to have showed cadence, which was probably for me the key to keeping my heart rate under control during cycling.

    I think you'll love the aero-hydration.. saves so much time over having to grab a bottle..

  2. Yup, the one I used to have (can't remember the #) showed cadence/RPM, avg. MPH, top MPH, and a bunch of other stuff that kept me leaning on my car after my ride.

    C'mon Jeff...all those toys on your bike and you're still not shaving your legs? They go hand-in-hand, you know....

  3. Josh The CatEye is pretty nice. I went online and read a lot of reviews and this one seeemd to be at the top. On my old bike I had a wired schwinn computer and it did the job but this one is so much better.

  4. Steve - No leg shaving happening here. I am a hairy SOB and it would be too much work to maintain! Now after I get a few more wrecks under my belt and some road rash on the legs I might change my tune!

  5. I love gadgets!!! Good luck on your triathlon this weekend!

  6. Wise decision about cutting out the 6 mile run for the upcoming triathlon. I was so caught up in your training that I forgot about your event this weekend. Are you sure you want to do the 3 miler?

    I have the aero bottle and the cateye too. The aero bottle shook and spilled a lot of liquid so I took it off. I know it works well for others so it was probably just me!

    Good luck with your triathlon and have fun with your new toys!