Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pics from Try Andy's Tri

My Sleepy Pug Ernie at 4am!

The lake at sunrise! Very cool!

A freezing Jeff before the race!

First Wave -- Blind Triathletes were competing -- very cool!

Swim Start - I'm the one with the blue hat!

Leaving T1

Beginning Run

Running hard to the finish!

After the race, getting the QR ready to go home


  1. That sounds like an awesomely fun race! You did well despite some setbacks (some your fault, some not). Have you considered popping a few endurolytes or something on the bike? I know they've always helped my cramping issues (being a bigger triathlete I know those all too well).

    BTW.. I love your pug. :)


  2. Hey Josh, This is the first cramps I have had in over a year of training. It was very unexpected. That being said the reason I dont cramp is because I am usually hydrated and I warm-up like it is my religion. I am the guy who used to do every warm-up stretch with Tony Horton on P90X!

    My pug is Ernie, he is awesome. Smart and stubborn! We also have a girl pug named Bailey. She is a shitstorm of love. They are 9.5 and 9 years old.