Friday, August 13, 2010


I got the bike on the trainer.

The water bottles are on the stand next to the trainer.

My bike shoes are on.

An EFS Liquid Shot is sitting next to the water (I might get hungry).

Chuck Norris and The Delta Force are paused on the DVR.

The pugs have been fed and walked.

And yet I decided it would be a good time to write a post?

My name is Jeff and I am a procrastinator.

It has been a good (recovery) week so far:

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday -  3000 Yd Swim/22.5 Mi Bike (Intervals/Trainer)
Wednesday - 5.01 Mi Run (Fartleks)/13.5 Mi Bike (Intervals/Trainer)
Thursday -  3100 Yd Swim/ 3.65 Mi Run (Z2 recovery)/ 30 Mi Bike (Hill Repeats)
Friday - Zilch (so far)

Okay, off the ass time.  Need to do 1hr 20min of Intervals (8x30sec Big gear all out w/2min recovery).

Please leave a comment telling me to cowboy up and quit being a slacker.  Best and most creative insult wins!

Hope y'all have a great weekend that includes hours and hours of training!



  1. I can't throw insults at you--I sympathize! The trainer sucks. Why are you doing it anyhow? Too hot for the road? Are you a wimp?

    Ok, maybe a few little jabs!

  2. "Chuck Norris's sweat has burned holes in concrete"

    "Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Chuck Norris"

    Just imagine what Chuck would say that you were choosing not to watch him....

  3. hmmmm.

    is your trainer in a nice Air Conditioned room?

    Away from the nasty August Texas heat?


  4. SUCK IT UP before my Bailey tells your Bailey get Ernie to do something pugishly devious (Dogs named Bailey like to get dogs named Ernie into trouble, or at least that is what I think)

    Eye on the prize man! Iron Star! Iron Star!

    I expect you to tell me that this winter when I have the same problem - I feel your pain!

  5. SLACKER! No really, Jeff it's a rest week. Give yourself a break! Ok now, get back on the trainer and get some work done.

  6. Used the Heed today...that stuff is just totally gross. I think you mentioned that awhile back.

    yesterday could have used the EFS liquid shots....though the Nuun seems to work pretty good for me.

    appreciate the encouragement regarding the HR training and your experience from that 50K...helps!


  7. Umm, are never a procrastinator! This was pretty funny coming from you! You are so motivated and usually go gang busters:) Cut yourself some slack...isn't that what a recovery week is for?

  8. Your blog followers are TOO NICE!!
    Suck it up patsy! Bike trainer? Crap, that's whimpy. Take the damn bike outside and ride!! I dont care if it's 120F in the shade.. Builds character son....
    Now get out there and crank out 40 or so miles... you've got 1.5 hours, right??

    Shit, my post is two days late, isn't it?

    Never mind.... have a nice day..

  9. I am I the only one that agrees with you that the trainer IS harder than the outside. In this case you are HTFU by not going outside!

  10. James - I like doing my intervals on the trainer. I can focus on just hammering and not having to worry about cars, stops, debris, dogs, squirrels, snakes, horse shit, pot holes, rednecks .... and probably many more things!

  11. intervals on trainer = awesome. Agree with Jeff on the distractions getting in the way with the clock :)

    My 2 cents: RockstarTri wins :)

  12. I love it, inviting me to throw an insult.

    Too bad I am too late, but I expected at least 2 buckets of puke filled, having the fire department have to hoist you out of the basement with a wench cuz you should never be able to walk up stairs off the trainer, if you didnt and fluffed your workout, I can take Team Roll down to Texas, we will hammer you so deep that there will be an APB for your lungs and you will throw tacks in front of your wheel, praying for your first flat, just so you can try to gasp for air for 10 minutes, think you gonna drop, we will trap you in the pace line and ride 4 inches from your wheel. I hope you like pulling at 24mph.