Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 7 Training: By the Numbers ...

Week 7 of the Fitzgerald HIM Training Plan is in the books.  Here are the Stats::

Swim  -  4h 25m - 10,050 Yds
Bike   -  5h 48m - 105.01 Mi
Run    -  4h 06m - 26 Mi
             Totals  - 14h 19m  

Week 8 is a recovery week and I am not really feeling like it is needed.  But the plan is the plan and and Fitzgerald is much smarter than me so I will follow.

The good news is that after this recovery week the Build Phase begins and I cannot wait.  The Base Phase has me feeling strong but slow. The lack of intensity has stripped me of that extra gear and I really want to find it again!  Through the 7 weeks 95% of the training has been in Zone 2 (hence the "Base" title) but once the Build Phase starts the intensity ramps up significantly.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Nice job Jeff!

    Curious, is that the amount of swimming the plan is prescribing or or you adding extra? Proportionally, that is a LOT of swimming compared to the bike and run. Nothing wrong with adding extra yardage, just curious is all.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with your training plan!

  3. Take a deep breath and enjoy it... because it sounds like all you will be doing from hear on out is trying to catch your breath ;) haha.

    Good luck, and TAKE IT EASY THIS WEEK! haha.

  4. Good numbers there. Your training is really going well. I would stick to the recovery in the plan.

  5. Great job on the training! Enjoy the recovery week and then go kick butt during the building phase!

  6. Take it easy on the running if you have any thought that you are hurt.

  7. Stick with the plan! Recovery might the most important part of the training, according to many coaches. Too many skimp on recovery.

  8. WOW, you are doing great!! I know I hated those recovery weeks - I felt good enough to go further. BUT like you said, Fitzgerald knows his stuff (I don't think he is smarter than you though!) :)

  9. "The plan is the plan and you I will follow"

    now thats a great Plan!

    have a great week

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