Thursday, August 5, 2010

Link Dump and Random Thoughts ...

Screen shot from yesterday:

Notice the Heat Index column - 118 Degrees!  Yep, it is smoking here right now.  The good news is that at least the humidity was only 48%.


  • Ray at DCRainmaker is doing a Giveaway for a Garmin 310XT.  Go over and visit to register.  I currently use the 310XT and it is an incredible training tool.
  • Read Matty O's Race Report of his and Heather's first Half Ironman.  Congrats to you both!
  • Back to Ray at DCRainmaker again.  He did an extremely thorough review of the new Timex GPS watch.  If you are deciding on whether to purchase a Garmin or Timex read his review first (HERE).
  • Patrick and Kovas put together a collaborative blogging effort with this piece:  What's in your closet?
  • I received an email notifying me of an article titled, 50 Informative & Inspiring Blogs for Triathletes”  --- Dangle the Carrot was included on the list, which is cool.
  • James @ Ironman 101 wrote an excellent post on Heat Acclimation and Blood Volume - very good read!
  • And under the heading of, "People are Crazy!" -- Read this article about a woman who discovered her husband's other marriage on Facebook.
  • I am a little under the weather.  Yesterday I missed my first day of training in this being the 7th week of the HIM plan.  I got some extra sleep this morning and am feeling much better and plan on hitting it hard again after work today.
  • I have been even more upset/disgusted than usual at our Federal Government the last few days.  It seems:  States no longer have rights, elections don't matter, judges make decisions on personal beliefs and not the law, the public is now considered to stupid to make decisions on their own healthcare, retirement, home ownership, marriage, and the entire mainstream media seems to bury all this  ....hell - they evenwant to tell us what to eat.  Liberty has been replaced with entitlement.  November cannot come soon enough.
  • That last paragraph just got me fired up again and I realize it is all incoherent jibberish but I feel better.
  • Tosh.0 is an absolutely hysterical program on Comedy Central.  If you have not seen Tosh.0 yet do yourself a huge favor and set your DVR to record all episodes.  You'll thank me later!
  • Thinking about a new TT bike.  Just Thinking so far!
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  1. Tosh.0 is AMAZING!

    Are you tired of your Caliente? Don't you have a QRoo? Anyway, what are you thinking about? The Ridley Dean is super hot.

  2. OK, I'm not going to complain about my 110 degree temp after seeing that humidity?!?!? crazy.

  3. is hot there! Ughh!
    I love is sooo hilarious! Sorry you're feeling a little sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. The weather is lousy hot here in Missouri as well.

    Hey-I liked your July data. Do you have a set amount of hours that you desire for each event or type of workout?

    I would have asked this on your previous post but its a couple of days old with several comments. Wasn't sure you'd find it.

    Your post has me paying more attention to work out TIME.

  5. Just discovered Tosh.0 myself. Love it!

    I don't know how you even move outside in 118* weather let alone exercise. Keep it up!

  6. At what temperature does humidity not matter? Man that is HOT!!!!

    New bike, eh? Keep us informed.....the Cervelo P3 would be my next TT bike if I "had" to get another one. It fit me like a glove better than the P2 does. Scary!

  7. Congrats on your blog popping up on the "Top 50." One wouldn't recognize your blog just a year ago. You've done an amazing job!

  8. What a stretch of heat and / or humidity you guys have had...unreal!

    Nice press on the blog50 list! very cool

    finally...GREAT job allowing yourself the rest in the training schedule...important when under the weather!

  9. 7th week already!?!?! SHEESH! Dude you are gonna be solid in no time!

    Your heat makes me feel like an idiot when I complain, I will silence my 90 degree complaints from now on haha.

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Just getting over a horrible sinus infection myself. Luckily it is on a recovery week and not a build week :) Love when life accomodates my training haha!

  10. I couldn't agree more with your disgust. I think they forget that it's "We the PEOPLE of the United States..."

    Also a huge fan of Daniel Tosh. Just got tix to his act in October!

  11. I was in Houston Monday and Tuesday on my way to Mexico. I took my Swedish comrade on a 3 mile River Oaks run... 95F and God knows what index..... he loved it..... NOT!

  12. I can't even talk about the heat you train in. Give me January and -20 with frigid winds in Maine any day.

    I freaking LOVE Tosh 2.0 I pee my pants laughing every time I watch it.

    Cool you are on the list!!

    I am thinking about a new bike myself. Thinking...

  13. Teresa - we got tixs for Tosh too! I think it is in the beginning of Oct .. gonna be so fun!

  14. Ramdon thoughts? Better then no thoughts at all! I saw that Facebook thing and to think in the end he came a took the kids away and now she has to fight for them! There is NO justice! Rest up!

  15. Late to the party but i made it! Love Tosh.0!! That dude is awesome funny.
    118 degrees...get the eff out! That's unthinkable.
    Glad you are feeling better!